Couple from Italy and Sister from Canada

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on March 4,  2024
Thailand’s international family continues to grow, with the arrival of three more guests this week. Nigula and Ariana, a couple from Italy, and Sophie, a sister from Quebec, Canada, joined the vibrant atmosphere at the Thai Sanctuary. This lively gathering follows the previous reception of four visitors, and the warmth and joy shared among brothers and sisters in the international family were palpable.
The guests engaged in various activities, including assisting in the kitchen, working in the fields, and participating in games and dance activities. Mahayana from Israel taught a dance called Biodanza, creating an emotional connection with life. The Italian couple delighted everyone with their culinary skills, preparing delicious Italian specialties. Sophie, a master’s student researching lullabies, enchanted us with her French songs, displaying a range from playful and lively to elegant and tender.
In addition to various activities, the community organized games, a hot pot dinner, and a dance night. Creative games such as a single-plank bridge challenge and a blind recognition game added laughter and fun to the mix.
On the second day of their visit, Qianzi introduced the guests to Lifechanyuan, explaining its literal meaning, core principles, goals, nature, mission, vision, and theoretical framework.The guests expressed a keen interest and watched a video introducing the communal living style, further deepening their understanding. Sophie inquired about meditation courses, and on the fifth day, Qianzi explained the conditions necessary for meditation and shared Lifechanyuan Meditation Method. The guests found the lecture insightful, encouraging Qianzi to continue sharing more about Lifechanyuan based on the interests of different visitors.
Sophie expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the joyful and harmonious atmosphere at the Thai Sanctuary. She felt grateful and celebrated every day in this environment, expressing gratitude for the sincere care and respect received from each brother and sister. She considered meeting the community a precious gift in her life, will cherish it forever. Sophie also extended an invitation for the community members to visit her in Quebec, Canada. The Italian couple echoed similar sentiments, describing the place as a paradise on earth and expressing a desire to revisit in the future.
On the eve of our departure, a bonfire dance was performed, creating a warm and romantic farewell under the night sky.

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