Chicken and Duck Coop are Ready!

Reported by Qianzi Celestial  and edited by Tongxin
 August 6th, 2021
The 2nd branch of Thailand:
With the support of the host monk and the help of the workers, a chicken and duck coop finish building in our community. Today 20 laying hens and 20 ducks  join our big family, which brings us a lot of fun! We don’t need to buy eggs from outside any more, and looking at those ducks swimming in the river freely makes us very happy. Brother Huiguang, who cares animals very much, and be careful and considerate, is responsible for feeding them. We believe he will do a great job. Brother Yangle is preparing the field for growing corn and vegetables for these small animals.  Because of their join, we plan to grow more vegetables and crops in the future.
Chanyuan celestial loves clean, tidy and orderly living environment, and does not allow the living environment to be messy. These two days we collected the construction waste in the yard, used them to pave the road, and sent left waste to a garbage dump for disposal. Every time I am very grateful to the staff who engage in handling the garbage. They are doing the great work of purifying Mother Earth.
Here in this lovely home, through our daily work, we purify our soul garden and  clean and beautify our Mother Earth as well. Let us continue working hard to take good care of Mother Earth, and restore the original purity and beauty of nature for her together!

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