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Reported by Qianzi celestial  
Dec 21, 2021
The 2nd branch of Thailand:
To make the flowers bloom brighter and more beautiful, we added soil and compost to the garden,  we also collected a lot of weeds, plan to make more compost so to provide more food for flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. Seeing the healthy growth of plants, we feel joy from the bottom of our hearts. Recently, the Abbot has finished building a garden around his newly built house,  sometimes we  go there to help planting flowers.
Take a ride of Abbot’s car to Chiang Mai and return together,  thank you so much for your kindness and good care for all of us along the way, dear Abbot. Under the endeavor of Huiyi, we processed a one-year visa for residence in Thailand successfully at the Immigration Bureau.
More than 20 shade-loving coffee saplings were planted under the big tree. The Thai melon cultivated by Yangle is getting mature,  sweet and refreshing, welcome to taste it!

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