Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases?

Cases of the virus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, have been reported around the world.

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New cases of infection with a new coronavirus known as COVID-19, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, are being reported daily around the world.

In mainland China, 2,345 people have died, while 76,288 infections have been confirmed, according to government figures.


Hundreds of cases have been confirmed elsewhere, with the virus being recorded in at least 26 countries.

Here are the countries that have so far confirmed cases of the new coronavirus:

Australia – 17

Australia has confirmed 17 cases of the virus as of February 21, including two passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, according to the Australian government.

Most of the patients arrived in the country from Wuhan or Hubei province.

Belgium – 1

Belgium said on February 4 that one of nine Belgian citizens repatriated from Wuhan had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Cambodia – 1

Cambodia confirmed its first case of coronavirus on January 27.

Minister of Health Mam Bunheng said the patient was a 60-year-old Chinese national in the coastal city of Sihanoukville.

Canada – 9

Canada has confirmed nine cases of the coronavirus as of February 21 – three in the province of Ontario and six in British Columbia.

China – 76,288

As of February 22, a total of 76,288 people in mainland China were confirmed as having been infected with the virus, most of them in the central province of Hubei. At least 2,345 people have died, China’s national health commission said.

The city of Macau, a gambling hub hugely popular with mainland tourists, has confirmed 10 cases.

Hong Kong reported its second death from the disease on February 19. Including the two deaths, Hong Kong has 69 confirmed cases of February 21.


Egypt – 1

Egypt’s health ministry reported its first confirmed case of the coronavirus on February 14. It is the first known case in Africa.

Officials said the infected person was a foreign national and on February 19 the World Health Organization said he had been discharged.

Finland – 1

A Chinese tourist who was admitted to hospital for tests was confirmed on January 29 as infected with the coronavirus.

The patient is said to be a 32-year-old woman from Wuhan.

France – 12

On February 15, France reported the first death in Europe – an 80-year-old Chinese tourist. 

There are 12 confirmed cases in France, five of which are British citizens who had shared a chalet at a French ski resort with someone who had recently travelled to Singapore.

France was the first European country to record cases of the virus.

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Germany – 16

Germany registered 16 confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of February 19, a majority of those infected in the southern state of Bavaria.

Almost all the patients in Germany are employees of auto parts supplier Webasto, who were infected by a colleague from China who was attending a course in Germany.

India – 3

On February 3, a third positive case of the coronavirus was reported in India’s southern state of Kerala, the country’s health ministry said.

All three are students who returned from Wuhan, according to local media.

Iran – 18

On February 22, Iran’s health authorities reported 10 new cases of coronavirus, including one new death, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 28 and death toll to five. 

The Islamic Republic confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus on February 19. Hours later, health officials said the two patients had died.

Israel – 1

On February 21, Israel reported the first case of coronavirus as a woman who was evacuated from a cruise ship near Tokyo tested positive to the virus upon her return to the country.

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Italy – 6

On February 22, Italy reported its first two deaths from the coronavirus, a 78-year-old man in the northern city of Padua and a female patient in Milan’s Lombardy region. 

On February 21, the region of Lombardy reported that an Italian national, his wife and a friend tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total of Italy’s confirmed cases to six.

The previous three cases involved two Chinese tourists and one of 56 Italians evacuated from Wuhan.

Japan – 93 + 634

A total of 634 people on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Yokohama had tested positive for the virus as of February 21. Meanwhile, an elderly couple that was on the ship has died. 

Japan does not include the people on board as part of its national tally, in accordance with WHO guidance. Japan’s national tally is 93. An 80-year-old had also previously died from the virus. 

Lebanon – 1

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Lebanon on February 21 after a woman arriving from Iran tested positive. 

Malaysia – 22

Malaysia on February 15 confirmed that a US passenger on a cruise ship that had been turned away by several countries had tested positive for the virus, bringing the country’s total to 22.

On February 19, the country’s health ministry said that 15 of the cases have recovered and been discharged from hospital. 

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Nepal – 1

Nepal said on January 24 that a 32-year-old man arriving from Wuhan had tested positive for coronavirus.

The patient, who was initially quarantined, recovered and was discharged. The government said surveillance has been increased at the airport “and suspicious patients entering Nepal are being monitored”.

The Philippines – 3

Philippine health officials confirmed a third case of coronavirus on February 5. The country also had the first death from coronavirus outside China, which was announced on February 2.

Russia – 2

Russia reported two cases of coronavirus on January 31. Both patients – Chinese nationals – have recovered and were discharged from hospital.

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Singapore – 86

Singapore reported one more confirmed case of COVID-19 on February 21, bringing the total to 86, including 47 people who already recoved.

The city-state has 39 people in hospital with five in critical condition.

South Korea – 433

South Korea reported 229 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus on February 22, taking the national total to 433, the majority in Daegu, the country’s fourth-largest city with a population of 2.5 million.

Most have been traced to an infected 61-year-old woman known as “Patient 31” who attended services at a branch of the Shincheonji Church in recent weeks.

Two people have died so far. 


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Spain – 2

Spanish authorities confirmed the country’s second case of coronavirus on February 9 – a British man in Mallorca. 

The patient is one of four members of a British family taken in for observation on the island after coming into contact with someone in France who was subsequently diagnosed with the virus. The other three tested negative.

The first case, reported on January 31, was a German man on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

Sri Lanka – 1

Sri Lanka confirmed its first case of coronavirus on January 27.

The patient was identified as a 43-year-old Chinese woman from Hubei province who had arrived in Sri Lanka as a tourist. She was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

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Sweden – 1

On January 31, Sweden’s Public Health Agency said a woman had tested positive for coronavirus and was being kept in isolation at a hospital in southern Sweden.

The woman, who is not gravely ill according to the agency, had visited the Wuhan area in China and began coughing after she arrived in Sweden. She contacted a hospital in southern Sweden, where she is being treated.

Taiwan – 24

On February 20, Taiwan reported two new cases, bringing the total to 24.

On person has died in Taiwan from coronavirus, a 61-year-old man with underlying health issues. 

Thailand – 35

Thailand had a total number of 35 confirmed cases as of February 19.


United Arab Emirates – 9

The UAE confirmed one new case on February 16, bringing the country’s total to nine.

The country’s health ministry said the patient was a 37-year-old Chinese national and that his condition was stable.

On February 1, the UAE became the first country in the Middle East to confirm cases of the coronavirus.

United Kingdom – 9

The UK confirmed one new case of coronavirus on February 12, taking the total number in the country to nine. 

All of the cases are in England, while the latest case is the first to be recorded in the capital, London.

Eight of the nine people have left hospital having tested negatively twice for the virus, NHS England said on February 15.

United States – 26

The US had confirmed 26 cases of the virus as of February 21, including 11 evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. Other confirmed cases include eight in California, two in Illinois, and one each in Arizona, Massachussetts, Texas, Wisconsin and Washington state.

Vietnam – 16

On February 13, the health ministry confirmed the nation’s sixteenth case of coronavirus. The authorities have said at least 11 of the cases were in the northern province of Vinh Phuc.

The Son Loi commune in Vinh Phuc was placed under a 14-day quarantine by Vietnamese authorities on February 13.

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International fears grow with virus deaths in Italy, South Korea

Five people have died in Iran while in South Korea a spike in new cases took the total number of infections to 433.

22 Feb 2020 11:06 GMT
WHO chief Ghebreyesus warns the 'window of opportunity' to contain the international spread of the outbreak is 'narrowing' [Yonhap/AFP]
WHO chief Ghebreyesus warns the ‘window of opportunity’ to contain the international spread of the outbreak is ‘narrowing’ [Yonhap/AFP]

Fears have mounted over the rise of new cases and fatalities outside China from the new coronavirus outbreak, as the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a shrinking window to stem the spread of the deadly disease.

The warning came as the first deaths from the new COVID-19 strain were reported in the Middle East and Europe. COVID-19, as the new coronavirus is known, first emerged in December in central China but has now spread to over 25 countries and caused more than a dozen deaths outside the country. 


The death toll reached five in Iran, and a number of cases were reported across the Middle East, including the first infections in Israel and Lebanon. On Friday, a 78-year old Italian man died after testing positive for the virus and a second death was reported on Saturday.

A second person died in South Korea, authorities reported on Saturday, as the number of cases in the country spiked to 433.

Italy has locked down 10 towns and asked more than 50,000 people to stay home – echoing China’s lockdown of entire cities in Hubei province at the centre of the outbreak. The second victim, a woman, died in the northern region of Lombardy, a spokesman for the Italian Civil Protection agency said on Saturday.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the “window of opportunity” to contain the international spread of the outbreak was “narrowing”, as cases surged across the Middle East and in South Korea.

He warned that if countries did not quickly mobilise to fight the spread of the virus, “this outbreak could go in any direction. It could … be messy”.

Middle East on alert

The first confirmed cases of the deadly virus were confirmed in Israel and Lebanon on Friday.

Iran saw 10 new cases on Saturday, taking the number to 28 infections and five deaths.

Reporting from Tehran, Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari cited sources confirming that schools and universities in the holy city of Qom, where two of the deaths were reported, were closed.

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Reports were also circulating that authorities are “looking at restricting visitors to the holy shrines of the city – to try and limit people’s movement and control this disease”, she added.

Iran has suspended religious pilgrimage trips to Iraq over coronavirus fears, an official who oversees pilgrimage trips said on Saturday, according to the Fars news agency.

Iraq and Kuwait, which share borders with Iran, were on high alert for a potential outbreak after banning travel to and from Iran, although they have not confirmed any cases domestically.

Kuwait’s civil aviation authority decided to ban international travellers as well residents or those with entry permits who had been in Iran during the past two weeks, adding that any Kuwaiti national arriving from Iran will be directed to isolation.

Major spike in South Korea

South Korea on Saturday reported a major jump in viral infections in the past four days, taking the total tally to at least 433.

Many of the cases have been linked to a church and a hospital in and around the fourth-largest city where schools were closed and worshippers and others told to avoid mass gatherings.

Of the 142 new cases in South Korea, 131 are from Daegu and nearby regions, which have emerged as the latest front in the widening global fight against COVID-19.

Reporting from Daegu, Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride said some hospitals in the city have been designated to deal only with cases of coronavirus, “with wards and rooms that specialise in treating infectious diseases”.

“There are testing centres where people come and get tested to see whether or not they have the virus,” he added.

South Korea’s Vice Health Minister Kim Gang-lip said on Saturday that the outbreak had entered a serious new phase but expressed cautious optimism that it can be contained to the region surrounding Daegu, where the first case was reported on Tuesday.

Some 800 area schools, due to start a new academic year on March 2, delayed their opening by a week.


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