Everyone Here is a Thoughtful University Student – Series of the Bright Spots (22)  


Written by Yixian on February 3, 2014

 (Translated by Fengxing and Edited by Kaer)

Lifechanyuan is a university and the Second Home is its classroom. The main curriculum in Lifechanyuan University includes the origin of the Universe, the origin of LIFE, the origin of people, the mysteries of LIFE, the mysteries of time and space, the position of mankind in the universe, the values and meanings of life, the relationships between people and people, people and society, and people and nature, sustainable development for human beings, the values and objects of civilization, such as a unified world, the harmony between the various races of people, people’s happiness, and many other subjects.

All Chanyuan Celestials are studentsof Lifechanyuan University and all need to learn these courses first. Entering the Second home and practicing the theories by living and working in the community is our way of transforming theory into reality. As long as one becomes a student of Lifechanyuan University, then no matter how much or whatever they have learned before, and no matter what cultural or regional background they have, once they study and begin to practice Chanyuan values wholeheartedly, they become qualified and thoughtful university students with good educations on culture and strong practical abilities within four to eight years.

Lifechanyuan University attaches more importance to the real effect than to the diploma, it emphasizes the improvement of ones thinking, and it does not attempt to beat knowledge into the student’s head. It emphasizes soul garden beautification and sublimation on the conscious level, rather than learning about how to get a good-salary job when entering into secular society.

It emphasizes how to achieve a healthy, peaceful, joyful, and happy life, and not how to beat others and become a financial winner in secular society. After five years of learning and practicing, it has become clear that all who have participated in the work and life of the Second Home have already become thoughtful university students and most of them are exceptional graduates. As a person, every student here has learned and mastered the essential knowledge of how to be a good one, they have healthy and integrated souls and minds, they will never do extreme things, they will never hurt society, people, nature, or other life beings for private interests, they will never complain to society or anyone else when encountering difficulties or troubles, but rather introspect to find their own faults first.

Undoubtedly, graduates from Lifechanyuan University have healthier and more integrated characters and natures as human beings, they have the ability to think and deal with things flexibly, the ability to live independently, the qualities necessary to cooperate with others, and have all the good characters of civilized persons. They have nice personalities and holy qualities, they love life and are open, fair, enthusiastic, humble, diligent, kind, pure, self-confident, believable, and honest. Additionally, they think actively, have clear minds, and possess enough courage to practice and innovate.

It is absolutely a big misunderstanding if you think that Chanyuan Celestials are a group of blind followers who lack knowledge. You can communicate face to face with any Chanyuan celestial to prove it. As long as you remain peaceful and reasonable with them, you will be assured that every Chanyuan celestial is a thoughtful university student.

Labouring (1)


Labouring (2)


Labouring (3)


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Labouring (6)


Learning-The guide is giving a lesson.

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Learning- Learning computer.

学习 学电脑.jpg

Learning-learning English.

学习 学英语.JPG

Learning-practising Spoken English.

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