The Division of Labor and Serving Each Other – Series of the Bright Spots (13)

Written by Yixian on January 26, 2014

(Translated by Ailian and Edited by Kaer)

The Second Home is a big family, but it has an essential difference from the traditional nuclear family or the traditional extended family. In general society, no matter whether there are small families or a extended families, they are usually bonded by blood relationships, however the Second Home is bonded by our guide’s road map and the Chanyuan values. The permanent residents in the Second Home all resonate with Lifechanyuan values and they are eager to follow our guide’s road map. This is the basic requirement.

The Second Home is a family for all Chanyuan celestials and anyone who joins the Second Home becomes a member of our family. Because we share the same life values, world values, and philosophy, we feel closer and have more in common than any “blood” family. We do not feel loneliness together. Instead, we appreciate each other and treat each other as brothers and sisters.

In the nuclear family, usually after work, people have many household chores, plus they have to deal with the various relationships. However, in the Second Home, all work is carefully divided. For example, chefs only cook, cleaners only wash laundry, housekeeping people only maintain personal rooms, and so forth. Everyone works for six hours each day but with high efficiency. In their spare time, everyone can enrich their knowledge and elevate their minds.

The job division within the Second Home is based on everyone’s interests and skills, and we have no labor hierarchy or caste system. Neither lowliness nor nobility is associated with any job in the community. No matter what kind of work one does, their service is to everyone and their merits accumulate as they purify themselves in daily life. Those who are willing to do dirty work and always pursue first-class quality are well respected. Individuals can also change their jobs if they are not happy with their current work.

Specially-assigned persons are responsible for most jobs in the Second Home, however many collective labor jobs which require the cooperation of all members also exist. Collective jobs are like collective games, they are enjoyable and full of happiness.

The Second Home is our home. It is also a place to sublimate our life quality and pay off our accumulated debts. There are no salaries or bonuses in the Second Home, however the community provides all your meals, clothing, shelter, and transportation, plus you are given the opportunity to climb to the highest state of life. In the Second Home, not only can you enjoy this happy life, but you can also sublimate yourself to a higher life space.Where else can you find such a place in this world?

Every member provides a service and they receive good services in return. These are all free and superior, and they are offered with love. From this point, we can honestly say that the Second Home life mode is the best life mode in human history.

This division of labor and service to each other is part of the community system. Everyone does their work in order to pay off lifetimes of debts and to accumulate life merits, and everyone does their best to pursue a first class quality of work and to purify their own non material structure.

It is because of this system and these values that the relationships among each other are very simple. There are no conflicts of interest or emotional issues. We each have enough time to do what we like as well as to enjoy life.

What is freedom? Someone said that freedom is not that you can do whatever you want to do, but that you can refrain from doing anything you do not want to do. I very much agree with this statement. In the Second Home, you are totally free. If you do not want to do something, you can leave it because there will always be someone else to do it and something else that will suit you.

The division of labor and service to each other in the Second Home is totally different from that which exists in general society. In the Second Home, you do not need to worry about losing your job and there are no life pressures or conflicts of interest. There are no complex relationships and you can do whatever you prefer to do. Meanwhile, you are given the time to purify yourself. In addition, you can enjoy a simple, relaxed, and happy life.

This is actually a fond dream for many people!

Cooks (1)


Cook (2)




Managing  lawn.


Managing flowers.


Managing orchard.


Making dumplings together.(1)


Making dumplings together.(2)


Digging the ground together.


Making concrete together.


Collective watering.


Transplanting the trees.


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