Freak orange snowstorms hit four countries turning tourist resorts an eerie shade of amber

This is the 'apocalyptic' scene in a ski resort in Sochi, Russia, after orange snow fell. The bizarre phenomenon was also reported in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania

By Keiran Southern For Mailonline

25 March 2018

Strange orange snow has fallen in cities in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania

Footage of the phenomenon has gone viral with people comparing it to Mars

Scientists have blamed the bizarre snow on a combination of sand and pollen

A freak weather incident turned snow an eerie shade of orange in at least four countries. 

The bizarre phenomenon has been reported in cities in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania and footage of the strange snow quickly went viral.

Ski resorts resembled sandy beaches after turning orange while several witnesses said the scenes looked ‘apocalyptic’ and compared it to the surface of Mars. 

Experts blamed the weird snow – which in some places even looked brown – on a combination of sand and pollen, reports the Sunday Express. 

A spokesman said it was likely the result of winds blowing sand from the Sahara desert, which then fell as rain.

They predict the snow will return to normal within days.  

Witnesses compared Sochi to Mars following the weird snow. Scientists have blamed it on a  mixture of sand and pollen

Tourists at a ski resort at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games site, Sochi, in Russia, shared pictures of the phenomenon.  

One user said: ‘Snowy slopes were transformed into barkhan dunes.’

And another wrote: ‘Martian landscape, Apocalypse Now.’ 

Pictures of the orange snow were also posted from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania.

This is not the first snow related phenomenon.

In 2007, orange-tinted snow fell in Siberia. Some experts blamed it on a nearby sandstorm.


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