In Arms of the Abbot of Thaton Temple

Reported by Yangle Celestial on Dec 26th, 2020
Nearly four months ago, the abbot of Thaton Temple opened his arms to us. In his broad and warm arms, we were cared for like his children. As long as we live happily, he will feel happy. His love has long gone beyond blood, family, and even religion, country and race. This is in line with the ideal of ” one world, one family ” that we have been pursuing. He showed his state of love with practical actions, which made me very moved, grateful and inspired.
Whether it is an old monk, a young monk, a worker, or a volunteer like us, the figure of a laborer is always the most beautiful in the abbot’ s eyes. In his 70s, he is as enterprising as a youth, as cheerful as a child, and still full of passion and vigor. In addition to continuous planning for construction, he also likes to conduct on-site. In the days with him, the life of the whole community is full of vigor and vitality. The environment is becoming more and more beautiful and comfortable, and more and more land is covered with vegetables and melons. This always reminds me of Xuefeng, the guide who led us to create ” the New Oasis for LIFE”, and my hardworking, kind, civilized and lovely brothers and sisters.
The work efficiency in the community is particularly high, because before the abbot makes a decision, he does not have to hold a meeting with others to discuss everything. He is fully responsible for his own decision, and has clear instructions, which is convenient for other people to actively cooperate. When he gives a certain matter to the corresponding person, he also trusts and supports him very much. Other people only need to cooperate with the person in charge in each field. This point is just the same as the ” superman philosophy” in our Values that in every specific field of collective life, there is only one person in charge, with the core leading and others cooperating. In a big family with orderly division of labor, we will have simple life with less meeting and live together with serving each other.
Because of the impact of the epidemic, our brothers and sisters in China can not come here to participate in the production and construction with the volunteers, workers and monks here, neither bring more joy and auspiciousness to this land, and show the ideal and successful new life mode to the world here now. However, we will try our best to create and enjoy the beauty of life together with other people living here. And we are waiting for more volunteers to join us to make this place more beautiful and abundant, to live a happy, free and blessed international family life together, to improve the love of our LIVES in the collective life, and to sublimate the quality of our LIVES toward to heaven.

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