To Those Who Wish to be Chanyuan Celestial

Written by Xuefeng on March 2, 2008

To realize the supreme ideal of human being—enter into the era of Lifechanyuan, we hope that everyone can be a Chanyuan celestial. Therefore, anyone wants to become a Chanyuan celestial is very much welcome, desired, and will be warmly embraced by us.

However, Lifechanyuan selects only the gems, not the pebbles from among people and accepts only the livings not the dead.

Chanyuan celestials are the greatest, the most civilized, intelligent, brave, kind, lovely, innocent and perfect persons among the human beings in present society, who are the seed of celestial beings and the residents of future kingdom of heaven. And therefore not everyone can be a Chanyuan celestial.

If you want to be a Chanyuan celestial, you must have the following characters.

  1. You are a civilized person.
  2. You are a kind person
  3. You are a wise person.
  4. You are a diligent person.
  5. You are a person with great ideals.
  6. You are a person wanting to be celestial.
  7. You are a person who keeps promise.
  8. You are a person who loves to bring delighted, joyful, free and happy life to others.

If you think that you possess the standards mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for Chanyuan celestial.

If you want to be Chanyuan celestial, you must understand the tactic.


  1. As a new comer, never ever show off yourself; to enter into the narrow gate of LIFE, you should low down your head.
  2. Learn play and entertainment first, can you play? If you can’t play, you can’t be a Chanyuan celestial.
  3. Focus on the strengths of other Chanyuan celestial, use praise, encouraging and appreciative language as possible as you can. Do not be fussy about other Chanyuan celestial; do not argue with them either.
  4. First understand the values of Lifechanyuan, then explicate your own opinion. Focusing on Chanyuan values when you interpret something.
  5. After you get along well with other people, then you can reveal yourself and demonstrate your talent and character thoroughly.
  6. Being a Chanyuan celestial, you should never ever be jealous about each other. You should extend your happiness and congratulations to other’s progress from the bottom of your heart.
  7. You should be enthusiastic, passionate and flexible.
  8. After being a Chanyuan celestial, you must stand up straightly, hold the head up, and be a man of indomitable spirit.


Eight don’ts to be a Chanyuan celestial.

1. Do not have political ambitions.

2. Do not conspire it into to some organizations.

3. Do not attempt to out match Chanyuan-celestial.

4. Do not gossip.

5. Do not attack any government, political party, religion, or other organizations and individuals.

6. Do not use big, empty, formulary, false, dirty and stupid words.

7. Do not give others lessons, but well manage yourself.

8. Do not attempt to highlight yourself.

Remember this paradox: only when you abandon yourself totally, you can fulfill yourself ultimately. If you are eager to fulfill yourself, you will lose yourself ultimately.

At the same time, you should remember to unfold yourself timely and don’t make yourself expired.

You can not highlight yourself but to unfold yourself timely, this seems to be a contradiction. It depends mostly on your artistic talent or your spiritual nature to deal with this contradiction.

To be a Chanyuan celestial is both the easiest and hardest thing.

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