Only Communism Can Save Mankind

Here, I want to say to All the CAPTALISTS that Xuefeng-style communism would not take your wealth away. To the contrary, it would bring you safety and stability. It would provide you with soulfulness and spiritual abundance. We human beings not only need financial wellbeing, but also soulful and spiritual wellbeing. Xuefeng-style communism helps people to achieve their highest levels of self-transcendence. As stated in Abraham Maslow’s “DemandTheory”, you would lead very good lives. If you do not carry out communism, there will be no escape from the poor, because when a huge crisis comes, your armies and police will not be able to protect you. The wealth you possess will not save you.

Here I want to say to the HEAD of EACH COUNTRY’S GOVERNMENT that Xuefeng-style communism would not interfere with your management, nor would it threaten or harm to your powers and positions. We are neither a religious group nor a political group; we are just a completely new production and life model. Please understand this: the person who has strong beliefs and ideals would never covet after short lived power and position, nor would they waste valuable time on possessions and vanity.

Here I want to say to the 80% of people who own only 5.5% of the world’s wealth that your only way out is to move towards Xuefeng-style communism, that no matter what you do, you are not able to ascend to the upper classes. Your lives are a constant struggles to survive. When you suffer from illness or natural disaster, you are set way back. For even those of you who own hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, that is only a drop in the bucket. If there is no food for a month, you would know hunger. Therefore, you should long for communism and devote yourselves to communism. Only communism can save you.

Taking stop-gap measures cannot solve humanity’s problems. The only way out is for the whole world to transit to Xuefeng-style communism. 

How does capitalism transfer to Xuefeng-style communism? 

1. With keen eyesight and an open mind and heart, observe, investigate, visit, learn, and study the successful, practical experience of Xuefeng-style communism in our community.

2. The transition should be supported by the United Nations and executed by the respective government of each country, with specific plans and steps. 

3. Do not practice this as a worldwide movement, but experiment in small regions at first. Each country should start with from one to three experimental regions. If they are successful, then they should spread it gradually; if not, then can give it up. In this way, such practices would not inhibit the normal operation of the current system and it would also be good for exploring the methods and ways of eliminating the current crises which face humanity.

4. Throughout the whole practice, Xuefeng-style communism will not deprive capitalists of their property and capitalists can continue their commercial activities by following market law. Once half the people on earth enter this communist lifestyle, and when the capitalists see that communist life is more ideal than their current lives, they will embrace it and become willingly involved with the exploration and practice of Xuefeng-style communism. Not putting requirements on anybody at any time is the core principle of Xuefeng-style communism.

5. People who are involved in the production and life of Xuefeng-style communism must FIRST have a Soul-garden Purification. Capitalism is created and realized by stimulating people’s selfishness, greed, wisdom, and skill to realize individual value through attaining resources, wealth, status, rights, and fame. However, Xuefeng-style communism is created by positively inspiring the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty deep within people’s hearts, to climb to the highest realm of temporary life and eternal LIFE. Without purifying one’s soul-garden, the laziness, selfishness, and greed of people cannot be overcome, and such people are not suitable for a communist lifestyle.

After seven years’ practice, Xuefeng-style communism is still not perfect. We are still exploring it as “walking a tightrope” or“walking on thin ice”, which means that we need wise and judicious people from all over the world to point our mistakes out, to offer advice, and to practice it together. We need understanding as well as involvement and support from governments much more.

“The future is bright but the road is torturous”. No matter how tough the path and how much difficulty we encounter, we need to make every effort to succeed. Only by making strong effort, can we have hope, but once we give up making this effort, the future will definitely be bleak.

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