Walking toward Xuefeng-style Communism

Deiform Buddha
January 21, 2022
Xuefeng has paved the way to paradise for humanity, from theory to practice; it is called Xuefeng-style Communism. Whether you are a president, a billionaire, a religious leader, a scholar, a professor, a worker, a farmer, a business person,or an entrepreneur, as long as you are a person, please march towards this goal.
From the dawn of recorded history, there has never been a better production and life mode than what we have created. No one from a common laborer or lay person to a saint, an immortal, a Buddha, a god, or even the prophetic “Sage of China Ziwei” will ever be able to create a better production and life mode than ours.
No matter how the American-dominated western countries strive to perfect their “democratic” social mechanisms or how hard China tries to improve its, neither will ever be able to achieve as highly civilized a production and life mode as we have; nor can the people of Latin America, Africa, or Oceania create a more ideal society than what we have accomplished.
To all the people who have great ideas:
Please stop seeking and discussing how to create a better future for human kind. Xuefeng has planned and arranged everything. No matter how intelligent you might be, you are like the mythical blind people touching the various parts of an elephant. All of your theories, no matter how superb and correct you feel they might be, are like balloons full of pinholes next to ours, so please stop wasting your time and energy, and put all your wisdom and talents into what we have developed and perfected.
To all the people who are suffering and struggling, Xuefeng-style communism is the best way out for you, your children, and your grandchildren. Walk towards Xuefeng-style Communism with a grateful heart and do not hesitate or look away; Deiform Buddha does not lie to you.
To give everyone this warning is to save you and guide you toward a heavenly life. If you comply and follow it, then you will be blessed, but if you do not, then not only will poverty, ignorance, trouble, pain, and fear haunt you forever, but so will death. Do you not believe this? Let the facts answer for you.
Whether people walk on the path to Xuefeng-style Communism or not, society’s future production and life mode will be Xuefeng-style Communism, and there will never be a second version; so the earlier that you follow this path, the happier you will be; do not wait until it is too late.

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