Rebuild the Nursery Room and the “Flood”

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Aug 20, 2022
The Abbot asked the workers to rebuild the nursery room. Yang Le, Huiyi, and the Chinese elder brother helped pull down the old one,and digged the holes for the pillars.
It rained for two days in a row, and the area centered on the restaurant was flooded again. This time it was more serious.The chicken and duck coops built by the river were filled with water. Yang Le had to set up a temporary shelf for chickens, and the ducks wandered outside homeless for two days. We went to observe where the water in the yard was drained. It turned out to be drained from a narrow canal next to the rice field. Slow drainage leads to stagnant water . Some fruit trees, vegetables and flowers were flooded to death. We felt a little distressed and helpless. The solution for Abbot is to use an excavator to dig soil to raise the ground. Together with the workers and little monks, we replanted various fruit trees and vegetables on the newly raised ground.
In the past two days, Hui Yi ,Yang Le has been doing all kinds of chores in the yard, mowing the lawn in the garden, delivering garbage, pulling the old lumber to pad the road, helping at the construction site, etc. Qianzi is cleaning up the mess after the flood near the restaurant, making everything look normal again.
During the period, the monks from Sri Lanka came to make us the traditional delicious snacks of their country. We are very grateful to the masters for their friendship.

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