Reunite in the Second Branch

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Sep  27th

We five members gathered again in the second branch, the atmosphere was happy and harmonious, Yangle not only cooks delicious meals for us, but also always found a way to adjust the atmosphere to make everyone happy. Huanxin helps Yangle wash the dishes as assistant in the kitchen. Two of them cleaned every corners of the kitchen, making it more convenient and beautiful. Qianzi manages the vegetable garden and feeds the chickens and ducks. Huiyi carries a lawn mower to beautify the lawn around . On rainy days, Huanxin and Huiyi make fermented banana sticks for the chickens. Brother Huiguang repaired two drains and faucets and installed a purifier in the kitchen. The roof of the house where Yangle lives is leaking, Huiguang perfectly solved this problem.
The Abbot is very happy to see five of us. In the past two days, he arranged for us to pull sand, unload soil, and pave the road at his newly built scenic spot.
When shopping outside, we went to visit the nearby vineyards and resorts. The lovely grapes were already hanging on the branches. Please enjoy the photos.

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