The Prospect and Vision for Lifechanyuan International Family

by Xue Feng on December 21, 2017

“Living in nature and far away from the noise of dense traffic”
You ask me how I feel now?
In my ears are the sounds of wind, rain, and waves.
Geese fly over sunsets and pure souls go to paradise.
Peaches and plums bloom gloriously in spring, and the scent of flowers waft into thousands of homes

Unify all methods into one general principle; unify all religions into one single belief; “a united world and a communist world”; “the wise person can fully utilize his talents and the whole world is a single family”. This is the main theme of the new era and is also a necessity to realize an advanced civilization.

The Lifechanyuan international family will be the bud to implement this strategy. This bud has been nurtured for more than 2,500 years, and is finally breaking through the soil. Lifechanyuan international family has absorbed the essence of human wisdom; with the new era coming, it will grow up sturdily against all future storms.

Those who strive selflessly for the happiness of all mankind will gradually join the Lifechanyuan international family; their wisdom and talents will be in full play on this stage and will compose an absolutely beautiful symphony.

Those communities that are committed to human sustainable development and LIFE quality improvement will gradually join the Lifechanyuan international family; we will create a brand-new civilization for mankind together, establish picturesque Xanadus everywhere, and ultimately transform the world into a paradise.

Initially, the Lifechanyuan international family will establish two hundred fifty-six (256) branches throughout the world where no member will ever have to worry about the necessities of life, such as birth, sickness, ageing, and death. Instead, all resources will be fully shared with all members throughout the world. In addition, they will be able to live in any of the branches and interact with others to enjoy the most from life.

Once these two hundred fifty-six (256) branches of Lifechanyuan international family become realized, people will be able to say goodbye to hunger, war, sadness, suffering, conflicts, and fears. It will be an age of peace and prosperity forevermore; everyone will live happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives; the world will become a big family, and everyone will have happy lives, as if they were living in heaven.

In addition, members of the Lifechanyuan international family will have great blessings; that is, they will be welcomed to Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of Elysium World after they leave this one, and they would continue to enjoy endless joy and freedom in heaven.

Sun shining in the sky; mountains and rivers as beautiful as brocade; scholars beaming with smiles; we will share a new beginning.

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  1. Thrilling to hear that this bud has been nurtured for more than 2,500 years. This is the time. Many signs show the coming of a new Era.

  2. I believe the world is transforming itself to a heaven; Lifechanyuan is playing an important role in this critical process. And how lucky we are that we can witness and participate in this great cause!

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