The Way of Nature

written by Xuefeng on Jan 28, 2018

(Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Peter)


The way of nature is the way of the Greatest Creator. 


The way of Tao is natural. Everything that conforms to nature belongs to Tao. The way of Tao is manifested by nature. 


The way to enter Tao, is to be natural. The way to attaining Tao, is to conform to nature. The way to unite with Tao is to follow nature. 


Nature is the laws and principles and various existences and phenomena of the boundless universe. To follow nature means to think and act in accordance with these laws and principles, and not to artificially interfere and change its original operating programs. 


The way of nature is the operating program defined by the laws and principles of the boundless universe. 


“The main path (Tao) is easy to walk on”, the main path is the way of nature. The way of nature is simple and easy to walk on, smooth and soothing. 


All behaviors that violate nature are called going against the Tao, and going against the Tao is complicated, difficult, tortuous and painful. 


People, when you feel that life is happy, joyous, free, and blessed, it proves that you are walking in the way of nature. 


People, when you feel that life is full of troubles, pain, anxiety, or sorrow, it proves that you are walking against the Tao. 


How do you follow the way of nature? 


Eat, when you should eat; drink, when you should drink; sleep, when you should sleep; do, when you should do; play, when you should play; use, when you should use; live, when you should live; die, when you should die. 


Do not worry, do not get angry, do not persevere, do not expect, do not seek success, do not seek excellence, do not make plans, do not set goals, do nothing as everything will eventually fall into place, take things as they are, associate with others by following the predestined relations, act in accordance with your nature, take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 


What kind of behavior can be accounted as against the Tao? 


When you should eat, you do not eat; when you shouldn’t eat, you eat. When you should drink, you do not drink; when you should not drink, you drink. When you should sleep, you do not sleep; when you shouldn’t sleep, you sleep. When you should act, you take no action; when you shouldn’t act, you act. When you should play, you do not play; when you shouldn’t play, you play. When you should use something, you do not use it; when you should not use something, you use it. When you should live, you do not live; when you should not live, you insist on living. When you should die, you do not die; when you should not die, you want to die. 


You are worried and angry, persisting and expecting; you seek success, shortcuts, excellence, magical power, and miracles; you make plans, set goals; you get caught in your own trap; you are not satisfied, insatiable, and insist on glorifying your ancestors; you insist on owning houses and cars, being the best kind of man and becoming a Celestial Being and Buddha, etc. 


What are the benefits of taking the way of nature? 


The advantages are calmness, peace, joy, health, less trouble, and less sin. 


What are the consequences of going against the Tao? 


The disadvantages are being impetuous, distracted, worried and anxious, dogged by bad luck, and committing evil again and again. 


From the above benefits and consequences of walking with or walking against the way of nature, we can see that the consciousness level of those who follow the way of nature is high. According to the Hawkins energy and emotion hierarchy diagram, the energy level of those who follow the way of nature is above 540, and the energy level of those who are against the Tao is below 200. It can be confirmed that those who go to heaven are those who follow the way of nature, and those who go to the animal world and hell are those who go against the Tao.

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