Argentine girl Bianca Experiences the New Life Mode in Thailand Branch

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on March 4, 2023
Recently, the Thai branch received a girl from Argentina, Bianca, who was recommended by her classmate Madi, an Argentine boy who had been to the Thai branch before.
Bianca is sweet, quiet, hardworking and intelligent, and always has a helpful attitude to everything. She spent ten days in the Thailand branch and helped us with a lot of work: washing dishes, picking roselles and vegetables, planting flowers, picking up cow dung, unloading tiles, and also made delicious pizza and pasta for us. No matter what she does, she is so positive and enjoy a lot. She said that she is willing to learn to do various things to make herself more useful to the world. We all like this South American girl very much, and hopes that one day she can apply to become one member of us.
I showed her the video introducing the life mode of Lifechanyuan. She said that what was described in the video was the same as what she experienced here, especially that everyone often joked and laughed a lot every day. She felt that living and working in nature with us made her very comfortable and happy.
Bianca followed her inner drive and gave up her domestic job to find her favorite way of life while traveling. She thinks that there is no need for everyone to stick to the inherent traditional life, new way of life needs to be understood by more people.We can try to learn about other new ways of life, but she doesn’t plan to settle in one place at the moment, and wants to travel to different countries for more experience.
The day before she left, we held a barbecue party to bid her farewell. We wish this beautiful Argentine girl enjoy her journey to the fullest,may joy and peace with her all the time, and hope to meet her in our home again!

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