Malaysia Sister Lolin Visits us

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Nov 20, 2022

Recently, a teacher from Malaysia came to the Thailand branch to experience the new life with us for ten days.Her name is Lolin, an beautiful sister who likes simple and natural life.

This sister loves to cook and made us pasta, Vietnamese rice noodles, Indian curry, Korean spicy cabbage, Japanese garlic fried rice, omelette with tamarind sauce and other exotic delicacies that we have never tasted before. Yulin sister is already a great chef, and now there is another wonderful chef, we are so lucky and bubbling with happiness!

Her job in Malaysia is to teach people how to give speech in public. We asked her for public speaking skills and she was more than happy to help.

From her, I have learned a lot, whether it is the idea of ​​cooking food or the skills of speech. I am very grateful to her for her generous teaching. She is just like an angle sent by the Greatest Creator ,who stood in our position and taught us how to Introduce Lifechanyuan to more people, expand the influence of the new life mode, and attract more people to experience the paradiselike life on earth.

Ten days passed quickly, and the night before our separation, we held a farewell concert around the bonfire. We all sang and danced together and drank homemade roselle wine. She asked how to become a long-term member of our community. Now she still has responsibilities to her youngest son. She said that she will continue to read the 800 values and follow the path that the Greatest Creator has shown her Forward!

Best wishes to dear Lolin sister,looking forward to seeing you again!

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