Visit the Organic Orange Orchard

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Sep 5th, 2020
Recently we visited an organic orange garden, and had a​ harmonious​ and​ nice time with​ the​ local​ organic​ farmers​.
On the way to the Thaton temple, we were warmly welcomed by the owner of the orange grove, Jack, and visited his organic orange grove together. The​ orange grove with a total area of ​​around 50 acres have been used​ with ​fertilizer and​ pesticides​ that​ are​ harmless to​ nature and the human body in the past three years. They are still in experiments now. He said he hopes to make successful models for other farmers who​ used traditional methods to follow. This reminds me that we are also creating a new model of production and life,in order to making human mind enjoy real happiness and freedom on earth.
In the next few days, Jack invited us to visit his organic vegetable garden and invited local farmers who grow organic vegetables to share their experience. David, Noy, and our four members also participated in the meeting. The Thai brother Noy was a translator. David talked about his vision of uniting various communities to become a big family. Yangle introduced our community and life style to everyone. Taking the way of nature, respecting nature and loving nature are also principles we abide by, so we​ are​ very pleased and admired to see their efforts for organic agriculture. When say goodbye, Huanxin sent everyone​ our​ bless and​ value card. They are all simple and lovely people who work hard in the fields. From their smiles, you can feel that the hearts of working people are really  beautiful and simple.

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