Volunteers from Eight Nations Visit the Thai Branch

Reported by Huiyi, Translated by Baobei, and Edited by Kaer

Joy and a flurry of colorful activities always fill our lives at the Thai branch, but our moods became even more joyous and happy on February 6th, when our landlord’s brother-in-law and our close friend, Pinan brought eight volunteer visitors to us from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Qianzi arranged for their lodging and Pinan scheduled their reception. They would wake up early to learn Yoga and do morning exercises or practice Yongchun or Qigong, eat breakfast at eight o’clock and either meditate or read essays, and then do some work after finishing their breakfast. Huiguang led our construction team to build a new shelter for Pinan’s sister-in-law, and Yangle led our planting team to work in the vegetable field which Pinan had cultivated with the bulldozer that he had rented. Lunch was ready at noon and then everyone enjoyed free time until three o’clock. They worked again from then until dinner was ready at six o’clock, and then there were abundant activities throughout the evenings. Sometimes we meditated and either Pinan or Monks from the nearby temple would lecture about Buddha’s teachings or share some stories to enlighten us; sometimes we played fancy new games, sang, danced, chatted about the day’s work and experience in a small circle, and took the opportunity to share Lifechanyuan’s values, show them our videos, and introduce the lifestyle of the New Oasis for Life. As we had more chances to play games and have fun with these volunteers, our interactions with them became deeper and everything proceeded more smoothly. Now we have figured a way to think more clearly about how we will spread our values and introduce the New Oasis for Life to westerners.

These five rich and joyous days went by very quickly, and at the end we presented every volunteer with an embossed card which contained the 800 values for New Era Human Beings. Many of them said that they would continue to follow our progress and would share our Lifechanuan values with their friends. Seeds are being sown gradually and flowers and fruits will blossom when the conditions ripen. We appreciate all of our dear brothers’ and sisters’ fine teamwork and wonderful performance.   



Visits: 39

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