What Human Actions Go Against the Way of Nature?

written by Xuefeng on  Nov. 27, 2021

(Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Peter)

Any civilization, if it goes against the way of nature, has only one ending: extinction. 

Atlantis Civilization, Gendaya Civilization, Mayan Civilization, Mu Continent Civilization, Lemuria Civilization, Ancient Loulan Civilization, Anasazi Civilization, Tiwanaku Civilization, Akkadian Civilization, Roman Empire, the Harappan civilization, the Khmer Empire, the Olmec civilization, the Kingdom of Aksum, the Nabataean civilization, the Cahokia, the Mycenaean civilization, the Mochi civilization, the Clovis civilization and other civilizations have all died out. The reasons for their demise can be said to be climate change, internal wars, raging plagues, invasion of foreign enemies, great changes in the earth’s crust, etc., but the ultimate reason is that they go against the way of nature. 

So, what are the actions of human beings that go against the way of nature?

The way of nature is the way of the Greatest Creator, that is, the Greatest Creator’s original intention to create the universe, the earth, LIFE, and human beings, just as man making a dining table. The original intention of man making a dining table was to let the table bear the food, but now the table is unwilling to bear the food, but to assume the function of a desk, or even to assume the function of a bed. In this way, the dining table goes against the original intention of the creator, and the creator has to destroy it and recreate a dining table that is willing to bear the food. 

The actions of man going against the way of nature are as follows: 

  1. Creating countries 
  2. Invention of currency 
  3. Formulating a charter and constitution and various other rules and regulations 
  4. Idol worship 
  5. Pursuit of supernatural powers and longevity 
  6. Revealing the secret of LIFE codes such as biological genetic engineering 
  7. Building mega cities 
  8. Developing killing weapons 
  9. Presence of a military 
  10. Manufacture of pesticides and fertilizers 
  11. Monogamy and Family Tribes 
  12. Creation of religious organizations and political parties 
  13. Private ownership 
  14. Building dams and reservoirs and diverting rivers artificially 
  15. Digging up mountains, filling lakes, transforming wetlands, destroying grasslands and forests 
  16. Long-distance transportation of fruits, vegetables and meat 
  17. The entire financial system 
  18. Centralization of power and totalitarian systems 

The above 18 kinds of behaviors are contrary to the way of nature. When such behaviors are flourishing, human beings are not far from extinction. 

To explain in detail the unnatural way of each such behavior, I need to write 18 articles. First, I will give you a warning and a thought. If you want to fully understand the truth, you need a frame of reference. This frame of reference is the Thousand-year World of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you compare these actions with the Thousand-year World of the Kingdom of Heaven one by one, it is not difficult to understand the violation of the natural way of these 18 behaviors.

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