Call for the US to Unconditionally Accept Illegal Border Crossers

May 14, 2023
written by Xuefeng and edited by ChatGPT
Hello, America!
According to online news, on May 11th, the US Secretary of Homeland Security announced during a White House briefing that illegal border crossers would be deported.
As a common citizen, I appeal to the US to unconditionally accept illegal border crossers, for the following reasons:
  • If legal entry were possible, no one would choose to cross the border illegally. Illegality is a result of being forced, not a choice made by individuals.
  • When people feel hopeless and have no other options for survival, any non-violent “illegal” means for survival are “legal”. The so-called “law” that blocks people’s livelihood is itself “illegal”.
  • A person who travels a thousand miles or even ten thousand miles, and endures countless hardships to seek refuge in the US, but is refused entry and then deported as “illegal”, is inhumane, cruel, and unworthy of respect.
  • With abundant resources and as the world’s leading superpower, the US has the capacity and ability to accept illegal border crossers.
  • As long as they can survive in their own country, few people are willing to risk their lives and travel great distances to seek refuge in the US. Those who come to you have already trusted you. Do not reject those who trust you; otherwise, any claims of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law are all false.
  • Don’t assume that all illegal immigrants are coming to reap the benefits of America’s economic prosperity. If you accept them, 95% of illegal border crossers will become diligent wealth creators and steadfast defenders of the American system.
  • The fewer people who abandon you, the more who come to you, the greater your glory. Glory is a noble symbol. The more illegal border crossers you accept, the more dignity and strength you will have.
  • The whole world is watching you. If you deport illegal border crossers, you are extinguishing the flicker of hope in the hearts of the kind, hardworking masses of the world. You will betray the creed of “In God We Trust” and lead to decline.
“He who wins the hearts of the people wins the world; he who loses the hearts of the people loses the world.” Where the people’s hearts go, there will be prosperity, civilization, strength, and eternal life. Where the people’s hearts do not go, there will be poverty, ignorance, barbarism, and backwardness. May you be a land where the people’s hearts go, rather than where their hearts do not.

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