Work with Lovely friends in the Beautiful Nature

Reported by Qianzi on March 22rd,2021
The second branch of Thailand:
Recently, our main work is still planting flowers and trees to beautify the environment of the ecological garden. Huiguang brother has gone back to the first branch to support the repair of the water pump and building a new garage. Yang Le brother, the Chinese-speaking brother, and a young monk are digging holes to plant landscape trees and banana trees. Qianzi works with a Thai sister Lulu. She is kind, lovely, hardworking, and simple. While working, she teaches Qianzi Thai. She likes to play joke, so we laugh a lot when working with her. Except the collective work with everyone, Yangle and Qianzi also find some other work they are interested in. Yangle likes composting, growing melons and planting fruit trees. Qianzi likes to grow flowers. We plan to gradually turn this place into a paradise full of melons, fruits and flowers.
People here are warm and friendly, and we often share delicious food with each other to enhance our relationship. The Grandma living downstairs in the house likes us very much, saying that we are her son and daughter, always make her feel warm in heart. As a Chanyuan celestial, we should treat all parents in the whole world as our own parents. This is how it should be. 
In regard to other people, such as workers, neighbors, and the master monk all take good care of us, let us feel the warmth of home. We also show our excellent quality here, hoping to bring joy and auspiciousness to these lovely people and this beautiful place.

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