800Values No.401~500

401.The universe is an illusion and its size relates to consciousness; the stronger the consciousness, the bigger the universe; the universe would not exist without consciousness.


402.The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. The universe did not originate from the Big Bang. Rather, the universe came into being because Wuji gave birth to Taiji and chaos evolved into holographic order.


403.There are eight forces in the universe:

  • Magnetism
  • Gravity
  • The strong force
  • The weak force
  • The tectonic force
  • The repulsive force
  • The conscious force
  • The spiritual force

The universe is made up of three elements: consciousness,structure, and energy.


404.There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe.

  • People live in the XY world
  • Spirits live in the -X-Y world
  • Monsters and demons live in the -X-Y-Z world
  • The Thousand-year World is in the XY-Z world
  • The Ten-thousand-year World is in the X-Y-Z world
  • Gods, Buddha, and the Celestial Islands Continent are in the XYZ world


405.The universe exists for LIFE, and LIFE exists for the universe; when LIFE dies out, the universe will perish; when the universe is dead, LIFE will be extinct.


406.The Solar system is designed to serve humans.


407.The moon did not come into being naturally; it was created especially for LIFE on earth. Apart from its other functions, the moon serves as a warehouse to store UFOs.


408.The UFO’s that we occasionally spot in the sky are not from the outer space but from the center of the moon, which is a gigantic warehouse to store many “tools” that celestial fairies once used. And UFO’s are one of these tools. The moon has a gate which can be opened at any time. Beneath the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, there is a huge “palace”, which the celestial fairies use as temporary lodging on earth. When such needs arise, celestial fairies can exercise remote control of the UFO’s within the moon at any time and use them to visit earth.


409.The earth:

  • The atmosphere is the skin of the earth
  • The ozonosphere is the protector of LIFE on earth
  • Water is the blood of the earth
  • Photosynthesis is the headspring of food for LIFE
  • Symmetry in nature is a mysterious force
  • The perfect scale is the golden mean
  • The brain is the epitome of the universe
  • Genes are the sealed book of LIFE
  • Conditioned reflexes are the protective mechanism of LIFE
  • The pleasure of sex is not only for the continuation of the ancestral line
  • The beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator


410.The universe has negative cosmic velocity; namely, the speed of nonmaterial, which is faster than that of light.


411.The Universe:

  • Everything in the universe moves in Tao
  • The souls of all LIFE forms are connected with the soul of the Greatest Creator
  • Everything and every phenomenon has to abide by their own principles and laws, whether it is the operation of celestial bodies or the actions of ants and bees
  • Everything is controlled by Tao
  • The universe is holographic, and an idea can be spread across the universe in an instant


412.The total energy of the universe is always zero; it maintains its relative stable order with zero-total energy.


413.Holographic order means that the universe can be so expansive that there is no exterior and so small that there is no interior. Everything is in holographic telepathy with the universe; nothing is independent of anything else, and no phenomenon is independent of any other phenomena.


414.The unity of opposites is only a phenomenon of the universe; not the essence of it. The essence of the universe is holographic order. There are no opposites such as justice and injustice, good and evil, or beauty and ugliness in holographic order.


415.The universe can be divided into microcosms and macrocosms. A universe without a border is called a macrocosm, and a universe with a border is called a microcosm. The macrocosm consists of a vast number of microcosms. The universe in which man exists is a microcosm which is called theEarth universe.


416.All objects within the scope of time, including celestial bodies, have an origin, a time of birth, and a course of development. The universe is no exception. Wuji reigned supreme before the birth of the universe.

The state of Wuji is:

  1. The absence of exterior and interior
  2. The absence of large and small
  3. The absence of borders
  4. The absence of entity and non-entity
  5. The absence of time, space, substance, and spirit

All is a state of clearness and brightness as well as chaos; all is a state of existence as well as nonexistence.


417.Chaos is a disorderly state, while holographic order is an orderly state; chaos was the state before the formation of the universe, while holographic order is the state after the formation of the universe; chaos means mess, lack of order and a borderless and expansive state; holographic order means wholeness and inseparable integrity. In the state of chaos, there is no heaven, no earth, no borders, no limits, no center, no yin or yang, and no middle way. In the state of holographic order, there is Taiji, the ONE in the unity of opposites, the two poles, and the middle way.


418.Causality is the law that maintains a zero sum of positive and negative energies in the universe: it is also known as the law of cause and effect.


419.The existence of nature is what causes the clear-layered, well-structured, multiform, and constantly changing wonder of LIFEto unfold as it does. If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.


420.The material world is the positive universe; the nonmaterial world is the negative universe. Non-material things are of the negative universe if they are non-physical, intangible, invisible, untouchable, inaudible, and cannot be sensed, measured, or perceived, yet influence the material world. The dream world is a type of negative universe; the nonmaterial world.






  1. If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.—Even people all become perfect, we are still different.

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