800Values No. 601~700


621.Ending nuclear families and establishing BIG families under Xuefeng-style communism is the only way for new era people to advance.



622.Escaping from nuclear families is not escaping from one’s relatives; it is escaping from the traditional life program and entering a new life program; it is absolutely:

  • NOT leaving one’s duties and obligations
  • NOT disregarding one’s relatives
  • NOT abandoning filial piety.



623.Traditional families are ingrained. Family consciousnesses have infiltrated into everyone’s blood, cells, and even souls. Traditional families are like huge icebergs which have grown for thousands of years, so they will not disappear today or tomorrow, but mankind has come to the crossing of a transformational era. When enough people realize the disadvantages of traditional families and take part actively in the work of melting these icebergs, then mankind has hope and the Greatest Creator will show appreciation and offer a way out. Vicious cycles can change or even reverse and people can be led into a happy era. However, if too many people choose to maintain their traditional families and not enough join to melt the icebergs, then they will suffer the punishment of natural law.



624.Throughout history, family tragedies have been performed throughout the world continually. From remote countrysides to prosperous cities, from the illiterate to Nobel prize winners, from ordinary citizens to international celebrities, and from official, commercial, and cultural circles, the tragedies resulting from families are repeated everywhere. Facts speak more loudly than words; people should reflect and discuss profoundly to change the traditional family life patterns and improve everyone’s existence.



625.After breaking up marriages and families, is any life pattern better than the traditional one? Yes! Since 2009, Lifechanyuan has put into practice a new and different kind of production and life mode, that is “The Second Home”, now renamed “the New Oasis for Life”. One hundred and eighty (180) people, young and old, early and late, participated in our practice for up to eight (8) years, and proved that the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life is superior to the traditional one. For more details, please refer to:

Our English language website: http://www.newoasisforlife.org

Our Chinese language website: http://www.lifelvzhou.org



626.The New Oasis for Life is a new life pattern for people created by Lifechanyuan which has been proven to be successful in practice.



627.The general program of the New Oasis for Life has eight (8) objectives:

  1. Unify all thoughts and beliefs into  the Greatest Creator’s will.
  2. Unify all religions into one uniform belief system.
  3. Unify the whole world with 800 Values for New Era Humans.
  4. Lead mankind into the Lifechanyuan Era, which is characterized by the absence of state, religion, political party, marriages, families, and spousal relationships, and in which the following will happen:
  5. “The worthy person will fully utilize their talents”
  6. “The whole world will be as one family”
  7. “No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside and house will not need to be locked at night”
  8. Everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvesting, and everyone will be happy, joyous, free, and blessed.



628.The New Oasis for Life has eight (8) characteristics:

  1. Take the way of the Greatest Creator: holographic order management.
  2. Possess nothing yet own everything.
  3. Ask for and take only what you need.
  4. Have no marriages or nuclear families.
  5. Educate the young, support the old, and feed everyone.
  6. Politics and Religion are NOT to be practiced.
  7. Everyone works to the best of their abilities.
  8. Be flexible, act tactfully, and bend according to the situation.



629.The New Oasis for Life consists of people who are not ready to marry and establish families, have divorced and choose not to remarry and set up another family, and couples who are both Chanyuan celestials. This new life pattern copies the lifestyle of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World. The main content of the new life pattern includes:

  1.   Non-ownership, with everyone owning nothing but possessing everything.
  2.   No marriages, no families, and no distinctions between close and distant relationships; relationships between everyone are as those between sisters, brothers, close relatives, and lovers.
  3.  Everyone takes what they need but never waste orindulges in luxuries or extravagances.
  4.  The homestead shall be collectively responsible for everyone’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating the children, and for nursing and supporting the elderly.
  5.   Everyone chooses jobs according to their skills and hobbies and does their best to ensure the highest quality performance in the work they do; there is no place for lazybones or parasites in the Second Home.
  6.  Everyone’s bedroom is their sacred and private space which is free from disturbance and interference; no one intrudes into these special spaces under any pretense with any excuse. All other spaces are public.
  7. Everyone shall enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives.
  8. Individuality shall blend with commonness; commonness shall accommodate individuality. There shall be both uniform will and a personally comfortable mood, and everyone must be able to exhibit their special talents. It is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals.
  9. Holographic order management will be implemented; namely, that non-management is the best management. There are no bosses or offices; everything runs on the members’ own initiatives and under the 800 values for New Era Human Beings.



630.The New Oasis for Life bombardstraditional marriages and families; a program of life which is infected with viruses. Such viruses will encroach upon the sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in human nature and drag the originally happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives into abysses of suffering, anxiety, enslavement, and desperation. To disband them and replace them with a brand-new style of life is the most important matter that concerns every person’s happiness. Leaving traditional families for the New Oasis for Life of Lifechanyuan resembles leaving one family and entering another one outwardly, but the content of life is actually totally different. The New Oasis for Life is not only capable of what traditional families are, but also of much, much more.



631.The New Oasis for Life is the number one home in the world. A happy and auspicious place is one that is blessed by the grace of the Greatest Creator; a pleasant and jubilant place is one that is cared for by Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni; a free and beautiful place is one in which the dreams of the sages and saints of past generations are realized. This is the first homestead born for the grand adjustment of LIFE; it serves the purification of the Earth and lays foundations for the new life of humanity after 2013. It is hoped that virtuous people will find the gate to our first homestead as quickly as possible and become members as soon as possible. This is the most important of all issues for you to address. It is time to redefine traditional relationships which have been based on kinship. All those who act on the order of the Greatest Creator are our relatives and all those whose souls resonate to the same frequency as ours are also.



632.In order to realize the ideals of sages and saints as well as the wishes of the broad masses and to set a good example for mankind, Lifechanyuan has initiated an unprecedented model of a new life style for humanity’s future – The New Oasis for Life. This is no longer idle theorizing, but a reality of life. The New Oasis for Life is a copy of the Thousand-year World, but in the human world. It is the base of self-cultivation for Chanyuan celestials to thoroughly remould themselves and become Celestial beings and the transfer station from the human world to heaven. The New Oasis for Life explores a new pattern of life. We believe firmly that when everyone lives according to the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life, their tribulations will be alleviated, their suffering will be eased, nature’s deterioration will be reversed, and we will have entered into the Lifechanyuan Era that is to last for a millenium. The New Oasis for Life has solved problems that have been with us for thousands of years, such as support for the elderly. By consolidating and improving continuously, the New Oasis for Life will become a paradise, not only for children, young people, and middle-aged people, but particularly for the elderly.



633.All members of the New Oasis for Life are transferred to a new location every three years. That is, after working and living in a certain branch, they are transferred to live and work in another one.



634.Any member living and working in the New Oasis for Life shall be expelled from the homestead immediately if they are found to have intentionally caused physical, psychological, or spiritual harm to any other member.



635.Laziness is the archenemy of the New Oasis for Life. Diligence symbolizes beauty, while laziness creates ugliness; diligence leads to bright futures, while laziness ruins the happiness endowed by the Greatest Creator. Laziness destroys everything; it makes people sink into depravity; it corrupts and erodes people’s wills, spirits, souls, and bodies; it causes the collapse of diligent collectives; it destroys the spiritual health of communities as viruses, and eventually casts listless and spiritless spells over everything. What comes out of it are depression, ruination, and destruction.



636.Laborers have the greatest souls; although they may not be able to compose articles of great literary talent and wisdom, they may lack the skills for debate, they are not clever enough to exhibit their intelligence, they may be extremely ordinary, they may not be able to recite Buddhism and Taoism, and they may not be able to quote phrases and sentences from the classics, they still have the greatest souls; their behaviors in themselves prove that they have abided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and sages and saints.



637.Birthdays are not celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.



638.Only festivals which glorify nature are celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.



639.The New Oasis for Life will implement a holographic order management pattern. Holographic order management is non-management. Everyone is always both the master and the servant. One is different from another only in the type of work they do. There exist no hierarchical relationships between the leaders and the governed. Everyone does their best to bring their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play. Everyone says what is on their mind, does their own work, takes charge of their own responsibilities, builds their own paths, and goes their own way without minding anyone else’s business. They are responsible to themselves and to the Greatest Creator, but to no one else. They will not help unless asked, but will render it immediately if it is. Anyone who offers a suggestion will be responsible for its execution. Everyone will build a sacred court in their own conscience and pass judgment upon themselves.



640.The most significant characteristic of the New Oasis for Life which distinguishes it from the secular society and other communities is that there are no marriages or families, and no individuals upon whom to depend with regard to one’s emotional and sexual life. We take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relationships, act in accordance with our natures, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.




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