Reports from the 2nd Thailand Branch

Reported by Qianzi celestial on Nov 9, 2020
The latest update of the 2nd Thailand branch: The vegetable babies at the entrance of the restaurant are growing up healthily. We transported the stones and spread them between the vegetable beds, so that we don’t have to worry about muddy shoes when we go in. Recently, we occasionally help serve guests in the restaurant, at other times we arrange our time freely.
Yangle and I have already regarded this place as our home, and we will try our best to do what we like and bring benefits to the local people. Yang Le covered fruit tree saplings with grass, planted vegetables in other places, and learned the technique of ring-cut rooting and sandwich land with David. Qianzi likes to plant flowers and nursery seedlings. On one side of the main road Qianzi started weeding and planting flowers. Yang Le also participated, planting watermelons and tomatoes together. When people walk along this road, besides admiring the beauty of the flowers, they will be surprised when finding and picking tomatoes and watermelons.
Noi works in the kitchen and prepares delicious food for us. If he needs help, he will call us. David has built a small earthworm farm. The workers have already started construction of the bridge he designed.
The host monk happily praises and encourages us every time he sees us working in the field. He likes people who are hard-working and down-to-earth. This is exactly what our chanyuan celestials are.
On the day of Loy Krathong in Thailand, Noi taught us to make water lanterns.We put the lanterns in the river and write the wishes on the flying lanterns . My wish is that our brothers and sisters in China can come to Thailand as soon as possible to build this place with us more and more beautiful.
Noi and David said that they wanted to be happy like Yang Le and Qian Zi. They wanted to apply to become our members in the future and invited us to their hometown Udon Thani to build a community together. Thank them for their support and trust. We hope that our life model will be established in Thailand as soon as possible. We will lead a carefree life together, and we welcome people all over the world who pursue happiness to form a warm and harmonious international family.

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