Everyday Unexpected Surprises

Reported by Qianzi celestial on March 27, 2022

Recently, we have improved the soil of vegetable fields, planted flowers near the restaurant, and planted some rosella seedlings that can be made into wine-like juice.
The watermelons have grown up one by one in the past few days, and visiting them every day will give you unexpected surprises. Small strawberries are also favored by small bugs, and we compete with them every day to get the reddest first. The banana tree by the neighbor’s rice field is no longer needed, so we help to dig it out and plant it in our own yard. Playing with small snails in the rice fields and swimming in the pond, it seems that we have returned to the joy of childhood.
The name of the yard of Abbot is called ทำกุศล, which means doing charity.There is no business here, everything is worshipped by good-hearted people, so we are here to do good deeds to give back to good-hearted people.
The large piece of land next to the banana and pineapple orchard has been deeply plowed by the cultivators. The Abbot handed over one-third of the land to us for planting. Working on this vast land makes our hearts open and relaxing , and I hope more brothers and sisters come to enjoy the pleasure of working in nature with us.

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