Anan Brought his friends and Albert Visit our 2nd branch

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on July 26th, 2022
the 2nd branch of Thailand:
Recently, we worked with the workers to pick mangoes, transplanted roselle and banana trees, and fertilized the pineapple seedlings. In addition, Yangle replaced the top of the passion fruit shelf, and with the help of the workers, he rebuilt the wood bridge leading to the vegetable field.
Our old friend Anan brought two new friends from Sri Lanka to visit us. They helped Yangle make pies in the kitchen, and we chat about our community and international big family. Anan introduced our community to them: there are no religions, no cages, no restraints and oppression of human nature, only the pursuit of happiness and freedom in the perfect community. Unexpectedly, Anan understands us quite well. Later they visited again and brought us specialties from their hometown and also made a delicious Sri Lankan style lunch. thank you so much ,dear friends.Meeting nice and friendly friends always fills us with love and hope in life.
Albert, a quiet but sunny brother from Singapore, saw the photos of the Thai branch on Facebook a few months ago. He loves nature and yearns for a carefree idyllic life. After learning about some of our life mode and values, he decided to come and experience it. Working with him in the past few days, I found that he is excellent in quality and ability: fluent in English, Chinese and Thai, hard-working, able to endure hardships, efficient, proactive, wise, sincere, modest, friendly, and especially polite. We are surprised and grateful to have such a perfect people. Yesterday, Yangle and Qianzi told him how we met our community online and what drives us to live this life. He said he knew that the founder and members of our community were a group of selfless people.

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