International Friends Visit Thai Branch

Reported by Qianzi celestial on Aug 30th, 2020
Recently David from Scotland, Noiy from Thailand, and Weina, a Chinese girl, have been living and working with us in Thailand Branch. In addition to the spirit of great love for humans,David has a lot of research on and intends to practice permaculture. Noiy has a good understanding of the local plants in Thailand and shared with us that there are many plants in nature that can be eaten. He took us to harvest many bamboo shoots on the mountain , and made us delicious Thai food. Weina is an environmentalist. She has done everything in her life to minimize the harm to nature. She is also good at growing fruit trees and sharing experiences with us. Because we share the same ideals and visions, it’s easy and happy to get along with them. Thank them for bringing vitality to our Thailand branch.
In addition, we also received a German boy and a Chinese girl who helped us collect peanuts, wipe the fans, and steam buns. The German boy is interested in our mode of life. He asked why you chose this mode of life and are confident that this mode can lead to a more ideal life. We replied that this mode of life without marriage and small family eliminates human suffering,whose root is selfishness, and we have a perfect theoretical system and the guidance of our spiritual guide, which guarantees that we will get closer to the ideal and beautiful life,just like the heaven life.




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