Call for All Ecovillages Around the World Unite as One Big international Family

Now the Second Home of Lifechanyuan in China and Konohana Family in Japan have united, which is the first gratifying step. It also proves that global ecovillages can transcend the differences of nations, cultures, and lifestyles, and unite as one big family. As long as we hold love in our hearts, and as long as we love all humans, we love peace, the earth, and life, we will have the ability and wisdom to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. We will be able to form a big international family by uniting all ecovilages, and create a new era of peace and harmony that is able to develop sustainably.

This big international family can operate under the framework of the United Nations. I believe that the UN will be happy to accept and lead this international ecovillage family and let it work and benefit for the interests of the entire humanity.

The alliance of global ecovillages will have many benefits but no harms and all people including members of each ecovillage will benefit enormously. As for its formation and operation and how to overcome the differences of beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, and so on, I have a complete theory system which is sufficient to support and achieve this great ideal. The most critical issue now is that either we work together to solve the common crises of humanity and create a brand new era or we sit and await our doom.

Let us start to realize this ideal from a spiritual level first, then have representatives of all ecovillages meet to discuss the details. The best way would be for GEN to facilitate this project.

Big disasters can happen anytime and we do not know whether we will still be alive tomorrow. However, as long as there is a gleam of hope, we must never give up making efforts. Decades are too long, so let us seize today. I sincerely hope that ecovillages around the world will take my appeal seriously and propel the prospective project in the most effective way, and complete the formation process of this project in the shortest time possible.

Greetings and blessings to all brothers and sisters in ecovillages around the world!

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  1. The establishment and development of ecovillages is one of the effective measures to resolve those crises.
    In order to speed up the development of all ecovillages, I hereby appeal to global ecovillages that they unite into one big international family and use collective wisdom and energy to advance their development.—–by Xuefeng

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