The Great Meaning of the Union of the New Oasis for Life Community and Konohana Family

Written by Xuefeng, founder of Lifechanyuan on November 23, 2013
November 11, 2013 is the date when the Second Home of Lifechanyuan in China and Konohana Family in Japan united as one big family. Since this date the two communities have become one and will share happiness and hardships, stand together through storm and stress, and support each other in adversity.
This is an epoch-marking step in human civilization. People from different countries, ethnic groups, cultures, and backgrounds can treat each other as families, and call each other brothers and sisters. There are no more fights, conflicts, discriminations, or misunderstandings. People will live and advance together in harmony, love, and peace forever.
This step shows that the people of both China and Japan have big hearts and broad minds to overcome the historical indignations and resolve historical grievances, and are able to use love to create a beautiful future for both countries and use intelligence to initiate a peaceful era of common prosperity.
We have set an example for humanity that no matter what ethnic group, religion, or culture we come from, or what our skin color is, and no matter how many historic sufferings and hardships we need to face along the way, as long as we hold love in our heart and pursue freedom and happiness for all human beings, we can unite as one harmonious family.
Through the time-space tunnel that the Second Home and Konohana Family united as one, we can foresee that the dream of an international family united by nations all over the world is manifesting gradually. At that time, people will travel freely among 256 branches of Lifechanyuan around the world and they will have families and homes everywhere. In each branch, there will be blacks, whites, and Asians; there will be Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, and Hindus, and there will be children, youngsters, people in their prime, and seniors; everyone will enjoy a worry free and communal lifestyle. The living environment of each branch will be like the present Second Home and Konohana Family: green mountains and clear streams where a large variety of flowers are blossoming and flocks of birds are flying. It will be an idyllic fairyland on earth.
Concord is better than fighting and harmony is better than confrontation. Peace excels conflict and unification excels separation. I hope that more than a thousand communities around world will learn from us and positively integrate into this big international family, and create a brilliant and civilized future by love; also let our later generations enjoy eternal happiness, joy, and freedom.
Building an international family is in alignment with the tenets and spirit of the United Nations and I sincerely hope that the UN will give moral support and conveniences to this international family.

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