Create Beauty Wherever You are

Reported by Qianzi and edited by Tongxin
2nd branch of Thailand:
In order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the master monk personally took us to the Royal Park to enjoy the flowers. We were intoxicated in the vast sea of ​​colorful flowers. He also took us to the famous Chinese Village in Thailand, where people living in five or six villages are all Chinese. We bought Chinese soy sauce there. We also enjoyed the scenery of the Golden Triangle at the junction of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand very much. We can see that the other two countries are so close to each other. Why do we need the existence of borders? I hope that in the future, people from different countries can move freely without visas.
The master monk is just like a kind and compassionate grandfather, who cares and loves us very much and treats us like his children. Although we still cannot communicate with him effectively in Thai, through our working status and performance, he feels that we treat this place as our own home , and treat him and the local people as our own family members.
Plant roots where you live, treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.

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