Chinese New Year’s Eve in Thailand (1)

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Feb 18th, 2021
We invited local workers, the drivers of the master monk, neighbors downstairs to have dinner and dumplings on Chinese New Year’s Eve. They are always very enthusiastic to us and take care of and help us. We are very happy to have this chance to express our gratitude to them.
Qianzi prepared ten Chinese dishes, and Huiguang and Yangle helped make dumplings. All of our beloved gusts said Chinese food and dumplings are very delicious. During the meal, three of us sang our community song the Magical Second Home together, and danced to add a joyful atmosphere. Yang Le said that although they do not understand Chinese lyrics, they can feel the warmth and peace in it.
Now we live in harmony with the local people in this place, and this place will become a warm international big family in the future, in which people from different countries will live in harmony, care for and help each other, and live a carefree, a true happy and free life.

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