Everyone Must be a Worker—Series of the Bright Spots (9)

Written by Yixian on January 23, 2014

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

This beautiful fairyland is created by hard work, especially manual labor, and it is built with one block at a time. Even the picture in our mind is very beautiful, but everything would be void if we did not do anything.

The beautiful life and environment are the products of creation, and no matter how grand and beautiful the ideal is, it will not be realized without the practice of hard  work.

Work can purify one’s soul. One who is not willing to participate in labor work is the one who looks down upon laborers and thinks himself superior. It is only when we join the labor work and are grateful for others’ contributions that can we cherish the fruits of other people’s labor and our own labor.

Xuefeng requests each resident member of the Second Home to pass the labor test first. No matter whether you are a millionaire or a talent, and no matter whether you are a man over eighty but still capable of working, or a young girl, firstly you have to be a manual laborer who is not afraid of doing dirty jobs. One who is not a slacker is someone useful and able to shoulder the responsibilities.

Every brother and sister in the Second Home must do one or two hours of manual labor each day to avoid becoming corrupt, even if they are a teacher or a website administrator. Actually, doing a manual job for one or two hours each day is a good adjustment for those who sit in front of computers for long periods of time and it is also good for maintaining the body’s vitality.

Each job in the community has one person in charge, but this is also flexible. When everyone is imperfect, people could have conflicts. so if someone is not happy working with someone else, it is fine to request changing which job they do. Because the community intends to make everyone feel happy and free, you can also request to change if you do not like a particular job or want to try another one. The spiritual guide or the branch manager will make a change when a situation calls for one. Therefore, nobody will feel unhappy because they are doing a job they do not like, and in the mean time, everyone has an opportunity to experience a variety of different jobs.

There are all kinds of group work projects in the Second Home, for example, mixing cement, moving bricks, fertilizing, watering vegetables, and planting flowers, trees, and potatoes. Collective work is always a happy experience because they are not only physical exercises, but they also make people feel happy as they joke with each other, and by working together, the job can be completed quickly. Therefore, all web administrators and teachers enjoy this kind of collective work very much.

In the Second Home, working is very enjoyable because no one needs to worry about their basic needs, and specialists in their fields wash the clothes, cook the food, clean the rooms, and do all the other jobs, and each member has a separate bedroom so they can enjoy their privacy and rest well. Members get along with each other very well and the living environment of the community is very beautiful, clean, and tidy. No matter what your job is, you will not be supervised or examined by anyone as long as you try your best.

Each worker is expected to work for six hours each day with high efficiency and to strive to deliver first-class results. As “paradise management” is implemented, each one has ownership of their job, so as long as the job is done and it does not affect others, it is up to the job owner to decide when and how it is done.

Because there is neither worry nor pressure, working has become an enjoyable game. Everyone one can put their talents into full play and enjoy the happiness and most jobs in the community are connected with nature. When working alone, one can contemplate the magnificence and secrets of nature quietly, but when working in a group, they can enjoy the comradery of team cooperation in a very relaxed and cordial atmosphere.

Manual labor can create material wealth directly and make life more comfortable and convenient, as well as preserving the living environment, clean and tidy. It can also purify one’s soul; people become more humble and know the importance of respecting the laborers as well as the importance of respecting both their own work as well as the work of others. They will also become grateful and realize that there is no free lunch, therefore they cherish their blessings and refuse to waste or live extravagantly. When one connects more with Mother Nature, their heart will become softer and they will realize the importance of revering LIFE and nature.

Therefore, I feel that it is because everyone enjoys working and because nobody even thinks about exploiting or oppressing others, that the Second Home becomes so beautiful and harmonious. Everyone has the spirit of serving others and contributing to community. In this home, people who are diligent are regarded as very beautiful, especially the manual workers.

Picking tea-leaves.


Picking waxberry


We are the best partner.


Many hands make light work.


Hoeing together.


Mixing the sand and cement.


Xuebao shows me the way.


Setting up the stage.


Carrying fertilizer.


Who wants waxberry,catch!

仙女们接好,不是绣球 了,是杨梅.jpg

Laundry fairy.


Cleaning the fish pond.


Making a waterfall staircase.


I’m a small woman,but I can do anything.


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