Ten Countries With Highest Divorce Rate In The World

written by Elena August 22, 2017

Divorce is a consequence of frustration, annoyance, anxiety and failure; these are known to be the chief driving forces that are producing chaos in the world because of conflicts among partners. Improper mental balance between spouses are the major cause that couple bonded into the marriage relation are impelled to select their diverse paths and ultimately divorce are observed as the final solution.

 Another aspect that are significant behind divorce in most of the countries are low level of forbearance and noteworthy differences between the partners, this leads an emotional wreck in their life. Today, there are several countries where the level of communal acceptance of divorce is increasing, as partners are more generous both by culture as well as by religion. It is noted that every year, these statistics keep on modifying, presenting new aspects and prospects in the matter of divorce. You may be interested in knowing which are the countries having high level of divorce, so that same does not happens with you, for this refer below sections:

Below are the top 10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rate In The World in 2017-2018

10. United States of America-divorce rate 53%

Based on the reports of Census Bureau, USA presently shows an ever decreasing rate in marriages. This statistics led the country to place as the tenth highest country based on divorce rate which is 53%. It is come to know that in the USA in every one in six seconds divorce takes place, which is not a good indication for country. In this country, it is noted that individuals are likely to be waiting since long for the marriages, and when they commit, they finally get disjointed or are divorced. Some of its states with higher divorce rates that make USA as one in the list are Oklahoma, Nevada, and Arkansas. On the other hand, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey have registered relatively lower divorce rates.

9. France-divorce rate 55%


Even though, France is considered to be a land of love with Eiffel Tower in Paris suggest to couples and love, the country has a high divorce rate of 55%. It is known that France has more directness in the society with more common adequacy and tolerance. It is the cause that majority of couples in France are diverted to divorce with their marriage life ending soon. In order to reduce this rate, the government of France has also carried out many initiatives so that married people can live peacefully. On the other hand, rural regions of France have relatively lower rates of divorce as compared to their urban complements, with the north side region of Brittany in France registering the minimum divorce rate.

8. Cuba-divorce rate 56%


Cuba is considered to be a part of Latin America wherein the rate if divorce is greatest than all other nations in that part. It is known that since year 1998, Cuba is prone to high level of criticism, while high poverty and dreadful housing system in the country are the two major reasons for divorces here. In Cuba, greater population makes bigger issues as persons are enforced under pressure due to meagre economic circumstances. Poverty, criticism, dreadful housing system, all leads to 56% of the divorce rate in Cuba. A recent new trend that’s developing in this island nation, but, is deprived of interest in marriage: several couples are deciding to commit to one another without any ritual or lawful contracts.

7. Estonia-divorce rate 58%


It is known that every six out of ten marriages end up in divorce in country-Estonia, totalling the divorce rate around 58%. Estonia is actually the previous share of the Soviet Union where it is continued legal for a long period; hence it is communally accepted easily. Gradually, there is even a drastic reduction in the marriage levels in Estonia, due to recent rules and policies. It is known that Estonia does not apply any assessment over breaks of married pair, only those sharing, implying that there is no lawful or logistical inducement for couples to marry.

6. Luxembourg-divorce rate 60%



Luxembourg is the country which is situated in between the three foremost countries of the world, namely France, Belgium, and Germany. This is one of the smallest countries in Europe with around half a million population, though it has a high divorce rate of 60%. In Luxembourg, the rule to move forward towards divorce is that both the individuals must be over the age of 21 and should be married for at least two years period. In Luxembourg, it is known that people who commits to divorce are mostly between the ages of 40 to 49.

5. Spain-divorce rate 63%


Experts believe that as Spain has progressed far away for its religious and cultural heritage, divorces are generally accepted. It is known that supplementary relaxing of the grounds for divorce in year 2007 has observed a significant rise in the divorce rate but Spain’s Catholic past may again supply an answer. The answer is similar to many European countries, marriages rates in this country have reduced, as have attendance rates at church facilities. Recently, new legislations in Spain were put into practice to enhance divorce with mutual agreement of both the married individuals. The particular law is entitled as “Divorcio director” based on which a pair needs to be married for at least period of three months to assert for the divorce. It is known that other reason for high divorce rate in Spain is the financial crisis affecting the clashes among the individuals.

4. Czech Republic-divorce rate 66%

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located in the midst of Europe possesses one of the highest divorce rates of 66% not only in Europe but even in the world. From its total population, around 13% of the females and 11% of the males are divorced in Czech Republic. Different mind-set of partners and economic circumstances lead to this high divorce rate and breakdown between the two partners in this European country. It is known that in Czech Republic, approximately 90% of the females are approved full child custody after they get divorced.

3. Hungary-divorce rate 67%


Hungary is another European country that holds foremost position in the list due to its divorce rate of 67%. Since last many years, marriage rate has been significantly declining in the country, but the same is expected to continue for many years to decrease the overall rate. It has been noticed by the OECD that the numbers of sharing unmarried couples stays low in Hungary. The idea in Hungary proposes that people who want to live together might marry before doing so, only to late comprehend that idealistic bliss has evaded them. It is known that while the ratio of men divorce to women is moderately less, merely 10% of the males are divorced while 12.4% of females are divorced in Hungary.

2. Portugal-divorce rate 68%


Portugal is situated at the edge of Europe, which almost tops the list with its ever rising divorce rate of 68% currently. This European country has diverged far away from its Catholic inheritance and currently trails a latest trend to marriages. It is noted that simultaneously the marriage rates in Portugal stays high as per the OECD, it suggests that couples in the country remain resolutely attached to the organization of marriage. Though it is almost a developed nation, some people with deprived financial situations and less tolerance level commits to high divorce rate in Portugal.

1. Belgium-divorce rate 71%

Belgium Top Famous Countries With Highest Divorce Rate in The World 2018

Presently, Belgium is an European country that tops this list with maximum divorce rate of 71%. The country is a symbol of European Modernity and in spite of its rich history and well-known architectures, Belgium couldn’t able to grasp its marital system strongly. It is known that nearly 32 thousand of the Belgian people commit for divorce every year. Consequently, the divorce rate in the country has risen steeply up to 71% which is the uppermost of not only in Europe but even in the whole world. Here, only about a third of marriages actually last successfully, which is an astonishing fact that unquestionably calls the honesty of institution named the ’til-death-do-us-part institution into question.

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  1. Amazing! I never expect that Cuba and some eastern Europe countries will reach such a high divorce rate in the past one year. Facts and trends are saying that a new era is coming! People don’t want to live with the band of traditional marriage and family, people want to live as an individual that has full freedom and dignity, respect and happiness.

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