The Elderly and Children Are Taken Care by the Community—Series of the Bright Spots (6)

Written by Yixian on January 20, 2014

 (Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

People in modern society are very stressed, but where does this stress come from? It is so difficult to support a family: from food, clothes, shelter, and transportation, to birth, nursing the elderly, sickness, and death, and which of these do not require money? Many people earn and save only enough money for their basic living expenses and if they want to move to a nicer apartment, they cannot afford it even they save money for most of their lives. If anything bad happens, such as someone having an accident or getting sick, the whole family will fall into a crisis. Although our country is working hard on basic welfare such as medical insurance and compulsory education, we might ask which of these have solved the problems at their roots? People on welfare can only afford basic foods, and medical insurance only reimburses small parts of medical expenses, so if someone succumbs to a very serious illness, nobody can handle it. The compulsory education system only offers free tuition fees, but other costs become more expensive — for all ordinary people who want to live a peaceful and comfortable life, it is too difficult.

The number of “empty nest” seniors is increasing quickly. Such phenomena do not happen because their children do not want to accompany them, but because they work far away from their hometowns and cannot take on the responsibility. The problem of “stay-at-home” children is also serious because, although no parents would not like to take care of their children, they cannot do it because of their work either. These are deep pains in many people’s hearts. After one year’s hard work, everyone wants to go back home and see their families, but the special rush of Chinese Spring Festival carries more difficulties and expectations of them.

How can the lives of the aged be well cared for including the comfort of their spirits and souls? How can all children be well educated and grow with complete health of their bodies, hearts, and souls? The Second Home has a unique way of ensuring that all children and aged people be completely cared for. The aged need not worry about not having hot food, a warm house, lack of nursing in case they get sick or nobody helps them when they need it, and no need to worry that there is no company when they feel lonely. All such needs are considered and solved in the new life mode, and four years of practice in the Second Home has proven its effectiveness. Children do not need to worry that they have no friends except their parents and grandparents after school, or too much homework to finish, and parents need not worry that their children will learn bad habits in school or with bad friends or elsewhere, because this new life procedure of the community completely ensures the healthy growth of all children with regard to their bodies, hearts, and souls.

Usually, the elderly are responsible for some light labor work, such as cleaning, chopping firewood, making fires, picking vegetables, and the like. They work very hard and are models for our young people, and they have very big hearts and love everyone in this big family. They bring us happy faces and kind greetings every day, and living with them in this big family is like living together with our own parents and grandparents, which makes us feel very warm and harmonious.

They also feel very happy in this home, just doing one job that is within their capability, and doing it the best that they can. All younger residence and children also respect and love them very much. Every day you can see the youngsters doing their labor work, and in their leisure time, surfing the internet in the computer room, practicing singing and dancing with their brothers and sisters, having fun playing games with each other, and chatting. These fulfill their spiritual lives and the lives of their souls very much.

The lives and studies of the children are managed by the community school. Children eat food, attend parties, play games together with each other, and have their own zone for study and accommodation.

Presently, the lessons in our community education system cover the grades from preschool to middle school and the contents the kids study are the same as what the national compulsory education system requires, plus we add two special lessons, the Knowledge of the Greatest Creator, and the knowledge of how to beautify the soul garden. All teachers are Chanyuan celestials who have university backgrounds, and most of them have taught before. Based on to the specific requirement of each child, teachers choose the suitable grade and lessons for them. In the education plan of the community, there will be a high school and a university in the future. Actually, whether people outside the community admit this or not, the Second Home of Lifechanyuan is a university itself, a university on life and LIFE.

In addition to the knowledge from textbooks, we also pay much attention to improving the children’s actual life skills and working abilities. For example, older children wash all clothes in the community, clean bowls in the kitchen, cut vegetables, and make food. Older boys do some labor work to exercise their bodies and older girls learn to sew. They usually learn each life skill for at least two months, usually during their leisure time on weekends.

Both the elderly and the children are good at singing and dancing, and at the monthly parties, they always bring us many surprises with happiness and love.

This is a harmonious and warm family, children are joyful, young people are happy, and the elderly enjoy their “golden years”. Actually, everyone here in this big family is as happy, joyful, and free as a person can be, and every member feels very blessed to live in the Second Home in this life.

Kitchen Helper


Time for dinner






The elderly are respected and loved.


Chopping firewood (1)


Chopping firewood (2)


Picking vegetables


Picking vegetables in the field.


Return from the vegetable field


performing (1)


performing (2)


performing (3)


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  1. Living with the companies of members from all age-levels, the elderly are very well taken care of in our community, my impression is that their smiles are very sunny and deep from hearts, their worries on health, family, social relationships, and other troubles and concerns were reduced to a very low level which adds much more joy and happiness than in the secular world in their lives.

  2. Every member is happy, especially the elderly and children’s laughter is particularly sweet in the Second Home of Lifechanyuan,

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