Family will Gradually Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (5)

written by Xuefeng on Oct 2, 2006


Whether something is perfect or not depends on its structural feature; whether someone is handsome or beautiful depends on his/her life structure; if there is defect in its structure, the thing is bound to present morbidity, the person is bound to be ugly. We can know whether a man is sick by testing a cell of his body. Family is the cell in constituting the human society structure. We should have no way but think the family is carried with the congenital virus if the current human society is unsatisfactory.

Divorce rate is continually rising: a report of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that the divorce rate of Beijing in 2002 was 50.90% with 76,136 pairs got married and 38,756 pairs divorced. In recent years, the divorce rate of U.S. always kept above 50%; the Western Europe countries all kept about 40%; Republic of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan all kept about 40%; Thailand was 60%. Then, how about the divorce rate of India? In the Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, Dutta, a female software engineer, said among her eighteen classmates there were five still unmarried, and in the rest thirteen married students, eight had divorced. “We see each other sometimes, and we think that it is fine to be alone.”

What is wrong with family?


The drawback of family

If one member of a family has long-term illness or congenital disability or dies on the vine, all family members especially parents, sons, daughters and spouse will fall into sorrow and misfortune for their whole life. Many people are pressed almost out of breath by funeral and supporting their parents; many parents are tortured by the academic career of children, work, marriage and career; many people forfeit their independent personality and freedom after they get married. Marriage is just like a door, and once you step into it, this means that you have shut all the other doors; if your partner is eccentric in character, disturbed in mind, defective in physiology or ugly in soul, you can do nothing but to endure; all husbands are afraid that their wives cheat on them, similarly all wives are afraid that their husbands cheat on them too; as a result, all the married men and women will live in fear for their whole life in miserable and they all hope their partners are the flashlights which can only lighten himself or herself. The primary cause for the violence alternation of different dynasties lies in the “family first”: if one receives a high position in the government, all his relatives and followers will get promotion after him; otherwise, if one commits a crime, the whole clan of him will be implicated; under the sky, all the territory belongs to the king; everyone including ministers and officials are all the servants of the king. There is a common phenomenon: if one wants to fish for benefits, one needs to break through the family members of prime minister, minister, stadholder and county magistrate, especially their spouse; in this way, these officials will secretly work for you and offer you with the power and benefits of their families in the scope of their authorities. Why did the malfeasants in different ages take place one after another? Why were they being endless greedy? Its primary cause is that they attach too much importance on their families, want to make their ancestors illustrious and want to establish an eternal lasting enterprise for their descendants. Without family, all these drawbacks will disappear automatically.

Lifechanyuan Era

Family will gradually disappear; wedding will not exist and marriage certificate will completely become history; the title of husband and wife will become a backward sign sealed in the history museum; bisexual love can conduct freely out of willingness. Everyone has work to do; there will be limit on individual wealth,once above it the wealth will automatically belong to all human beings; natural resources including land will belong to all people; persons will not own any private land or house property; the countries, political parties and religions etc. will all disappear. Human services will be adjusted, arranged and managed by global government; personnel can transfer around the world, and every three years people may have a chance to change their working and living environments;as a result, everyone may have about twenty opportunities to live and work in different environments, which means you work in Beijing for this three years, and you may work in Tokyo for next three years and New York next three years and then Vancouver, London, Berlin and Johannesburg etc.; in this way everyone has opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the earth. With the disappearance of the family and housing and work are arranged unitarily by the global government, so the conventional moving problems are completely avoided; what you need to do but get on car with your simple luggage. The issues of old aged support, raising children and education, funeral will be arranged unitarily by society, so do the people without the labor capacity. The concept of father will disappear, and no one know who his father is; after weaning, the babies are picked up by special agency until they are sensible; and they will not live together with their mothers. All family names will be cancelled, and the name of everyone will be ##Celestial.


Family will Gradually Disappear

The divorce rate will rise continually, and people will gradually prefer to live freely; marrying used to be regarded as a happy event, and from now on it will be regarded as a tragedy for human life; people will gradually accept the value of Lifechanyuan; even for the un-divorced man and wife, they will gradually change their marriage idea, and gradually regard the opposite side as a friend and a partner instead of possessing and monopolizing him or her.

Family is the main root leading to the pains of life. As long as the family exists, human can never enter into the new era filled with freedom and happiness.

Lifechanyuan era is bound to come!

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