Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (6)


written by Deiform celestial on Oct5, 2006

Finally, humankind will understand that diseases are in most cases the reflection of disability of spirit and soul, aches in waist, leg, and bone are led by bad habits of daily lives, misfortunes and calamities are due to the indecent consciousness.

No doctor and hospital exist in plant world or animal world, yet they are healthy and live, grow, die according to Tao.

There are no doctors or hospitals in my hometown, the thousand-year world. No one sick, people all die without disease after a thousand years. When I traveled around the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium world, no one ever heard of doctors and hospitals, celestials who live up to ten thousand years old and hundred million years old never knew what are diseases. Only the messy man’s world has such things.

People who should die yet not dying and who should live yet dying are on the contrary to Tao.

We can do the research and conclude that people who often get sick are mainly those obsessed with mental disorder or illness. Not being stuck, there will be no pain, and pain always comes with something being stuck. Once spirit and soul goes wrong, body hurts. Some people’s diseases are completely caused by bad habits of diet and daily lives. While lumbar sprain, ankle twisting, bruising, snake biting, car accident, etc. are induced by the problem of consciousness

Healthy people are magnanimous, kind, open-minded, selfless and with less desires. They are satisfied, appreciative and spontaneous. In a word, health of human body directly links to the life nonmaterial structure of life.

Be careful and you will discover an interesting phenomenon. People who can easily find doctors and hospitals are often get sick; the more medical magazines people read and the more medicines people concerned, the better chance they get sick,the thing you feared more will come to you faster.

There is an article “Chasing the Sun, Escaping Darkness” in “Wisdom”, which means “chasing diseases, one can hardly get health”. If one’s mind is brimmed with concepts of disease, how can he or she be healthy?

The health care industry of mankind is developing rapidly, which surely benefits people’s health. At present, people do need doctors, hospitals and medicines. Without these, many people would suffer more. Lifechanyuan has no doubt about this, and we hope more and more good doctors, hospitals and medicines are available.

The problem is, “however persuasive good is, evil is still stronger”. We not only don’t eradicate disease, yet, diseases are on the rise, and more and more people get sick. The most serious problem is that people pay more and more money to treat diseases. Some people even spend all their money and are in debt, what’s even worse, they are not cured and dead at last, leaving eternal misery to those who are alive.

People over 60 years old should not go to hospital, cycle of sixty years means one has already eaten what should have been eaten, drunk what should have been drunk, experienced what should have been experienced, played what should have been played. One transmigration has been done, why is still bothering? If one is healthy, keep moving on; if one is sick, destiny will call, maybe it’s time to go to the next transmigration.

Anyone who is valueless to his or her relatives, friends, and burdensome to society, should be easy, brave, and open-minded.

There will be no doctor hospital in Lifechanyuan Era. People lucky enough to enter into Lifechanyuan Era are those who understand the causes of illness, soothe themselves, live healthily cheerfully, and energetically. Everyone is “shrink”; everyone can “heal” illness.

Lifechanyuan itself is the best hospital. Lifechanyuan treats diseases thoroughly not superficially. The super wisdom is invisible, conquering the enemy without huge war, treating people without obvious medical treatment. Before treating thoroughly, I invent a method, it will only take half a day everyday to practice, and every disease will be cured.

Generally speaking, Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan, once stick to the Chanyuan values, would not get sick.

In Lifechanyuan Era, no one would get sick; country, religion, and political party disappear. Everyone has his or her job and can feed oneself. Everyone is free and independent, why there is illness? Playing games is better than getting sick!

Remember: human life leading heaven has no disease in their previous life sick people would not enter into heaven.

Lifechanyuan Era is the copy of this world of heaven’s thousand-year world; sick people can’t enter into Lifechanyuan Era.

No doctor or hospital ever exist in Lifechanyuan Era, people take care in advance and become their own “doctors”.

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