Life with Like-minded People is Wonderful!

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Sep 30, 2020
The experience of living and working together with like-minded friends in the new place Thaton Eco Village. The reason why we are like-minded is because we all want to build an international family and turn the world into one big family. There are no national borders. People from all countries can go to any country freely without visas.
Visiting the nearby farms with David and Noy to learn organic planting experience, and clean David’s yard with Pierre to build a beautiful small garden. Pierre loves to work, once he starts,not easy for him to stop, even if it rains heavily. Working with him is very happy, because he always encourages me by saying “great,good job,my dear”, and I find that I don’t feel tired when hearing compliments.
Poor Yangle had bacterial infections in many parts of his legs. We took him to the hospital to clean up his wounds. We couldn’t feel how painful he was, but only heard his screams. He can’t walk and work for a few days. So he study hard at home, study the Thai climate, and design what suitable vegetables we are going to grow.

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