Political Parties will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (4)

 written by Deiform celestial on September 24, 2006

Political party, as a fixed class or stratum in human society, is an interest group formed in order to maintain one’s own interest and is also a political organization striving to master the state power so as to seek the furthest welfare for one’s own interest group.

The political party organizations around world is difficult to count; we often hear and see in the media such as TV, network etc. like the Democratic Party and Republican Party of U.S., the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party, New Komeito Party, Liberty Party, Communist Party, Social Democrat Party, Conservative Party of Japan, the People’s Party, Congress Party, Communist Party, Telugu Desam Party, nationalism Parliamentary Party of India, the Communist Party, Kuomintang, Democratic Progressive Party, All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, People First Party, China Democratic League, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government, Jiusan Society, China Party for Public Interest, Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, China Democratic National Construction Association, China Democratic League, China Association for Promoting Democracy, Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party, Liberal Party, The Hong Kong Progressive Alliance, Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, Democratic Party of China, the Rally for the Republic, Democratic League, Rally for France, Liberal Democrats, Social Party, Communist Party, Green Party, National Front of France, the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union, Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Socialist Party, Communist Party, Republic Party of France, the Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats of British. All above are political parties known to most; and it is difficult to calculate the seldom heard political parties; there are more than 100 political parties just in Taiwan; no one knows how many political parties in the world.

 No matter what kinds of political parties with what an extravagantly colorful description they offer, the essence of them is not to serve for the interests of all people but for the interests of their representing class and stratum; the so-called democracy, freedom, legality and human rights, etc, they are all the camouflage for obtaining their private interests. Everything is just a signboard aiming at obtaining the furthest welfare and the self-deceiving and altisonant camouflage; the political party in history, at present and in the future is always the same; this is determined by the nature of the political party.

The bustle of all the political parties can be described in one phrase-demons and monsters running wild.

The birth of the political party has its own historical necessity, and the disappearance of it will also be a historical necessity.

As long as the political parties exist, human society is bound to be disputed and disturbed forever; the only way to obtain a harmonious, peaceful, happy, healthful and tranquil era for all people is to let the political parties quit from the historical stage.

In Lifechanyuan era there will be no political parties, but Lifechanyuan and global government; Lifechanyuan does not belong to the organization of political party, nor the religion; all people are the members of Lifechanyuan, and Lifechanyuan does not participate in and interfere the acts of government, but pays close attention to the construction of human spirits and soul; all the production and living things are coordinated and arranged by the global government, which only is responsible for material construction.

“Person of virtue won’t be abandoned away from government, honesty prevails throughout the world.” All the wise men can enter into the management agencies of government at any time. “Everybody is let to display his talents fully; everything is made its best use.” No organizations such as political parties or religions will control the governmental functions and elbow the wise men out of the intelligence centre.

The future Lifechanyuan will not have any form of minority group or interest group, and people are good friends but no organization and they will be kind and friendly to each other.

A man is bound to be cranked and abnormal in mentality, become treacherous, ruthless and out of reason once he joins organizations such as some political party or religion; all human being are ruled by the organization consisting of such people, how can human expect the auspicious days?

From now on, Lifechanyuan advocates people not to join any forms of religions, political parties or other organizations so as to make a good preparation in consciousness to welcome the coming of Lifechanyuan era.

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