New Human, New Life ——on Lifechanyuan Era (8)

written by Deiform celestial on December 21, 2006

It is the necessity of history to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh; human beings are bound to move towards the more advanced civilization living state; the stale is the fertile nutriment for the newborn things; and the history sediment has become strong enough to breed a more splendid time ——Lifechanyuan era.

It is the longing and aspiration for human to pursue the communism great harmony era; and people have had enough experiments like the different kinds of Utopia villages; these experiments do not simply mean the failure but the accumulation of precious and rich experience for success and for all mankind; the inventor Edison finally invented the electric lamp based on his countless failures and failures, which lightened the dark world; the countless failures and failures of the Utopia finally led to the birth of Lifechanyuan, which will lead human beings into a brand-new Garden of Eden.

The cultivation boat of new humans will set sail from the website of Lifechanyuan, and the life of new humans will begin from the “Shangri-la” created by Lifechanyuan.

New humans come from the metamorphosis of old humans; although with an original appearance, their connotation have been thoroughly remolded and endowed with new implication.

New humans have eight disparate features different from old humans:

1. New humans follow the path of the Greatest Creator. They do not revere any Celestial Beings but the Greatest Creator who characterizes with eight features-sole and only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, fair, merciful, superbly powerful and wise.

2. New humans will pursue two highest realms: the highest realm of human life and the highest realm of life.

3. New humans will not have the consciousness and concept of country, religion, political party and family.

4. New humans will regard love as the core value and meaning of life.

5. New humans will revere life, nature and harmoniously coexist with everything.

6. New humans will take truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty, diligence and trust, but not constitution, law, regulation, commandment and dharma as guidelines of words and deeds;

7. New humans will not pursue money, ascendance, position, beauty, personal honor, personality cult, personal possess and individualistic heroism but joy, delight, health, happiness and grace for every moment.

8. New humans will aspire for the life of thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and celestial archipelago.

Whether you like it or not, times and human beings are developing and moving towards Lifechanyuan era; whether you like it or not, the spring of human is bound to come; the only difference is whether you are willing to train yourself as a member of new humans; if you are willing to do this you can share the new life of Lifechanyuan era, otherwise you will be weeded out by the tide of new era.

Consciousness determines the kind of life one is leading; this is the truth.

Osho, the foregoer said: “My job is to make you aware that a new man is coming, and my job is to help you to aware him and respect him … …

New human does not come from another world, who is yourself in a fresh new state; the new human is you when your heart is tranquil, when you are in your deep meditative state, when you are in your beautiful space of love, when you are in your joyful singing, when you’re in your ecstatic dancing and when you are in your love of the Earth. No any religion will teach you to love this earth, but this earth is your mother, these trees are your brothers, and these stars are your friends.

When you see an old man walks straightly towards the grave, you will be relatively easy to abandon him and his lifestyle, his church, his pura, his temple, his God, and his sacred classic. Your sacred classic is your whole life because no one else is able to write it, and you have to write it to yourself.

When you, with a blank book, come here, what you are going to deal with it depends on you. Birth does not mean a life, it just offers you an opportunity to create life, and let you to create a life that is so beautiful, so brilliant, so caring just as you can imagine and you can dream.

The dreams of new humans and their causes will be mixed into one because their dreams will root on this earth; and they will bring flowers and fruits for you, they are not just dreams, they will make this world into a dream.

Understanding our responsibility, human has never faced any greater responsibility than ever—abandoning the responsibility of the past and the responsibility of erasing your past from your existence.”

The content of new life in Lifechanyuan era is rich, colorful and changeful. It mainly includes following eight features:

1. There will be only one government which coordinates the global affairs and arranges the production and activities of people.

2. There will be no countries, religious groups, political parties, families and family life.

3. The old people and children will be supported by the society, and it will no longer be a personal responsibility but handled by the whole community. Education and medical treatment will be all free; the disabled will be supported by all people in the society.

4. There will be no public ownership or private ownership but non- ownership.

5. All the human members will not be constrained to work in one particular region but be arranged in mobility to appreciate and enjoy the different scenery and natural beauty.

6. There will be no one unemployed or any parasites. Everyone will have a house to live in, clothes to wear, work to do and pleasure to enjoy.

7. There will be rich and colorful cultural recreational activities, in which music, dance, excursion and playing are the main contents.

8. All members will be Chanyuan Celestials; the last names will be eliminated; at last all religions will return to the origin, and all nationalities will be unified as one.

Lifechanyuan era will be an era of “Person of virtue won’t be abandoned by government, all people in the world become one big family “; “No one pockets anything found on the road; doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening “; “The weather is pleasant; harmony and peace are everywhere”; “Everyone is happy and joyful, everything is prosperous”; “Human beings and the earth become ONE and happiness and abundance are everywhere”.

Osho instructively said: “That is why I said that the new man coming to this world was the biggest revolution ever happened on the earth. There will be no way to avoid it, because the old man must die, they have decided and promised to commit suicide. Let them die peacefully. Those with a rebellious spirit should cut off their link with the old humans; and then they will be the savior; they will create a Noah’s Ark; they will be the beginning of the New World. Because we know the old world and its pains, so we can avoid all those sufferings, jealousy, anger, wars, and all those destructive tendencies … We can experience a complete transformation, we can create innocent people, the caring person, the people who can breathe in free environment and the people who can help each other to obtain freedom. We can create a favorable environment so that can be given honor, can be respected not for some ideals or values, but just for his original appearance. This new breed will become the elites of the earth.”


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