The Pursuit of Substantial Results and Not to Engage in Formalism—Series of the Bright Spots (20)

Written by Yixian on January 28, 2014

(Translated by Ailian and Edited by Kaer)

Many people in western countries believe in the Greatest Creator, or “God”. They often pray before eating meals to show their appreciation for the food that the Greatest Creator has given them. In China, many people visit temples where they burn incense and kotow before their spiritual manifestations at every festival and on New Year’s Day. The various religious groups all have their own unique ceremonies.

In the Second Home, everything is much simpler: there are neither temples nor churches, we never burn incense or kotow, and we have no prayer ceremonies. However, this does not mean that we do not revere the Greatest Creator or the divinities. Instead,we lay stress on actual practices, but we do not engage in formalism.

Some foreigners who came to the Second Home once told us how they felt strange about our not praying before meals, although we are always saying that we revere the Greatest Creator and that we feel grateful for everything we have. In fact, we do not have these kinds of formalities, but we express our gratitude in daily life. We eat our meals with joy and grateful hearts and we never waste even a grain of rice.

We revere all life beings, not only visible lives but also those unseen. It is because we feel such awe in our hearts that we never harm other lives. Everywhere we go, we love and care for all plants and animals, and we never overexploit the forests. If we have to move a plant, we try to communicate with it in advance because we believe that if we are kind to other life beings, then they will return that kindness to us too.

The will of the Greatest Creator is that all life beings on earth should lead happy, free, and joyful lives, and if we follow the will of the Greatest Creator and constantly purify our soul gardens, then we will not only feel happy ourselves, but will also spread that happiness to others. We express our gratitude and love to the Greatest Creator through dancing, singing, and all kinds of games.

Xuefeng has always told us that we should not say how much we love and respect him with words or by giving him special treats, but we need to turn our respect into the practice of following the Lifechanyuan values and following his road map guide. We need to truly care about every brother and sister in the community, because to say that one respects Xuefeng on one hand, while disrespecting and harming ones brothers and sisters on the other, is inconsistent and is totally wrong.

Everything in the Second Home is concrete. We purify ourselves by what we say and do. We discipline ourselves in daily life and in a thoroughgoing manner.

The beautiful life is created with our hands. And the beautiful future lies in our visualization. We believe in karma and we believe that if we plant the seeds of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, and trust, then we will harvest happiness, freedom, and joy.

The vegetables grow well after improving the soil.


Eating fruit with a feeling of gratitude and joy.


To make our home more beautiful .


It used to be a garbage dump-a corner of the Third Branch.


Carefully planting seedlings.


Showing love and gratitude to the Greatest Creator with songs , dances and games.(1)


Showing love and gratitude to the Greatest Creator with songs , dances and games.(2)


Showing love and gratitude to the Greatest Creator with songs , dances and games.(3)


Showing love and gratitude to the Greatest Creator with songs , dances and games.(4)


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