The Fewer People There Are, the Harder it is for Them to Get Along

written by Xuefeng on Dec. 05, 2021

(Translated by Qinyou, edited by Peter)

I don’t know if you have experienced this but the fewer people there are, the more difficult it is for them to get along with each other, and the more people there are, the easier.

Ninety-five percent of husbands and wives in the world do not live a very harmonious life together, why? Because there are too few people. Just two of them. If one likes spicy food, the other likes sweet food, one likes to go to bed early, the other likes to go to bed late, one doesn’t eat meat, the other likes to eat meat, one wants to stay at home quietly on Sunday, the other wants to go shopping on Sunday, so on and so forth, there are differences in their hobbies and personalities, but they have to stay together day and night. This relationship is not easy for anyone to handle. It is not easy when you are young, and it is even harder when you become old. It is just because of the restraints of their environment and interests that people have no other choice, they must put up with each other.

In a small environment, if five or six people live together for a long time, they will often barely get along with each other at the beginning, and over time, conflicts will inevitably occur. The reason is not that any of them are bad, but that each person has a different personality and different hobbies. One likes to work with the window open, and the other likes to close the window while working. This can be difficult to reconcile. Occasionally, one person can give in and compromise, but it is absolutely unbearable for one person to endure this for a long time.

Even if it is a group of dozens of people, if they spend their whole life in the same environment, unpleasantness is inevitable. The docile ones (shy ones) will give the other people a hard stare when they see them, and the assertive ones will be quarreling, or they may even resort to force.

Selfishness is the main reason for difficult relationships, but differences in personality, temper, addictions, hobbies, realms, and patterns are nonnegligible factors that are more likely to cause friction. Faced with such a situation, we cannot say who is right and who is wrong, let alone can we limit and restrain anyone with moral preaching. The best way and measure are to separate them.

Why do people in the Thousand-year World and the Ten-thousand-year World always get along with each other warmly and harmoniously? The main factor is that they are all spiritually perfect, but it is also a very good measure for them to change their environment frequently as well and then never to see each other again. This is why, in the model of Lifechanyuan’s Second Home, it is stipulated that all members must move frequently. After living in a certain home for three years, everyone must move to another home, and some even go to live in another home after living in one home for only one year. In this way, the possibility of conflicts due to long-term relationships is solved. Therefore, the Second Home mode of Lifechanyuan is superior to any human-to-human relationship that there has been in thousands of years.

From this point alone, when more and more members of the human species realize this point, they will definitely choose the life mode of Lifechanyuan’s Second Home, because this mode will make people feel free and happy for the rest of their lives.

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