A New Sister Arrived Our Home!

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on May 5th, 2023

Recently, a new sister joined the Thai branch. Her name is Jiejing, who had been living in our Chinese community for three years, and after gaining experience in the secular world, she still chose to return to the new life mode to realize her dreams and ideals. Jie Jing speaks fluent English, has a warm and cheerful personality, and is open-minded, straightforward, and hardworking. We all love this beautiful and lovely sister. Currently, there are eight members living and working together in the Thailand branch. Everyone is doing their favorite work and serving each other in nature. Peacefully and orderly, we live a carefree, fulfilling, and happy life every day.

These days, everyone is working collectively to bag mangoes in the mango orchard, putting protective bags on each mango to prevent insects and create a better ripening environment for mangos. No matter what kind of work they do, these children always have a great time playing, and labor has become their interesting game. Some mangoes were ripe and fell to the ground naturally, and we enjoyed the gift of nature. Smiles on our faces tell how sweet and beautiful life is, and our hearts are filled with gratitude.

Huiguang brother rebuilt the ceiling in Yang Le’s room, and now the room is more comfortable and tidy. The kitchen has a newly bought oven, and our chef Yulin sister will learn how to bake bread and cook western food.


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