The New Oasis for Life – A Common Home for Mankind (Video)

Written by Baichuan, Translated by Baobei and Edited by Kaer
Everyone can have an infinitely bright future.
There is a lifestyle that is free from care for food,clothing, and shelter, and that is full of abundant care and love, in which people enjoy excellent health and where life flows smoothly.
It is the brand-new mode of production and life – the New Oasis for Life – a common home for mankind.
With the light of dawn shining radiantly, hundreds of birds singing sweetly, streams flowing into rivers, and bamboo leaves moving elegantly along orchard paths filled with flowery fragrances. Stroll along the path, breathe deeply, and let fresh air comfort both your body and your soul. What a beautiful life it is – the New Oasis for LIFE – Home!
As the golden sun rises to illuminate the day, we take our hoes into the fields along paths with pearls of dew glistening on the leaves of vegetables to weed, fertilize, water, and mix as we enjoy planting with neither supervision nor management.
The New Oasis for Life is responsible collectively for everyone’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating our children, and for nursing and supporting our elderly; we are free from caring about all those chores individually. We live without marriages or families and connect with no exclusive relationships.Sexual relationships depend on the games of random meeting.
All the tools and necessities for life are provided abundantly and all the resources are shared collectively. Daily necessities are always available to be taken as needed from the unsupervised warehouse; Members own nothing yet have everything and no currency exists within the community; everyone works to the best of their abilities and asks for and takes only what they need. Individuals no longer own anything, for everything is shared, and they no longer worry about what is”theirs”.
Food and supplies are abundant and varied but with neither extravagance nor waste. Different members are in charge of cooking, laundry,cleaning, nursing, and various other responsibilities, so everyone is liberated from a multitude of trivial chores.
Holographic order management is implemented; everyone is the master of the Oasis and there are no hierarchical relationships such as between leaders and the governed with neither management nor supervision.Everything runs on our members’ highly civilized and self-disciplined initiative,as both their minds and bodies have been liberated greatly; everyone chooses their favorite jobs and executes them with the highest quality of workmanship,never worrying about other members’ jobs.
“No one will pocket anything found on the ground, and doorsare not bolted at night”, and there are no leaders; every member is both amaster and a servant.
Everyone has a bedroom which is their private space, free from disturbances where they can enjoy privacy and elegance. Entertainment and parties are held monthly when everyone can perform on the stage; singing,dancing, playing musical instruments, and singing praises to nature, life, andLIFE. We maintain ecological balance, take care of nature, create picturesque Xanadus, and arrange all planting and production in accordance with natural,permaculture farming while loving flowers, trees, even little worms, and never harming any of them intentionally.
Birthdays are not celebrated and the funeral and interment system of Lifechanyuan is implemented. There are neither political nor religious activities or ceremonies and everyone adheres to the “800 Values for New Era Human Beings” into which they sublimate themselves in commonness while maintaining individuality and keeping their minds at ease. In this collective environment, everyone shares the same resonance of their souls,individuals’ bad habits and attributes can be corrected by themselves in time,and everyone’s quality sublimates quickly.
Our main theme is for learning, working, dedicating, collective entertainment, and sublimation.
Our members come from all throughout the world and we communicate and integrate with each other for the same goal and aspiration and sublimate the quality of our LIVES continuously. Everyone’s consciousnesses improve constantly, our soul gardens become purer and more beautiful, and our quality of LIFE ascends as high as they can.
The Oasis for Life – the first home in the world – is a paradise for children, young adults, the middle-aged, and the elderly.

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