Winter has Come to the New Oasis of Canada,We stuffed ourselves with dumplings today

written by Xuefeng on Feb 8, 2018

Recently, it had warmed up, but now the bitter cold Canadian winter has come and snow is everywhere.

The last time it was like this, a neighbour helped us to shovel snow and to start our car, and he suggested that we buy a new battery and a block heater for the car.The day before yesterday, we shopped in Hundred Mile House and did some banking. On the way back to the oasis, we picked up a small desk in a garbage dump which will make a good night stand. Then, we went to Williams Lake, where we bought the battery, filed some papers at a government office, and took pictures at the tourist welcoming center.Yesterday, we opened a bank account for the Lifechanyuan International Family Society, in Hundred Mile House. Snow fell heavily all day, and we enjoyed some beautiful scenery as we drove back home through the heavy snow. Our private road from the highway to the oasis was buried so deeply in it that we could not drive in. Later, Foyi shoveled a lot of it out of our way and we were able to drive up to and into the barn.Today, we relaxed and stuffed ourselves with some wonderful, delicious, homemade dumplings.

Please enjoy these pictures.



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  1. The amazing wooden house is the Tourism Center of Williams Lake. It is built with whole tree pillars, it is so beautiful, natural, and the taste of local charming. I like it very much!

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