Below-zero Arctic Temperatures and Our Warm Neighbor

Written by Xuefeng on Feb 10, 2018
Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer

Last night, the outside temperature was -28°c (-18½°f). We could have been at the North Pole! Standing outside for even a moment, one’s hands and feet become uncomfortably cold and their ears hurt. It was on such a cold night that a neighbor drove a pickup with a big scraper pan to shovel the snow away for us. The snow continued to fall and to block our private road from the Oasis to the highway. Yesterday, Foyi tried to shovel the snow by hand, but it was too deep for him to remove it all. Later that night, the same neighbor came to help us shovel the snow and quickly get through to the main road. The weather might be cold outside, but having such a kind neighbor makes us feel very warm inside.

It is a scenic ice world outside but warm and cozy inside. The flowers that Foyi and Ehuang planted are blossoming; the tulips have buds; the garlic that Foyi arranged and planted are also growing well; the flowers in the four pots are growing; the hyacinth is giving off a rich fragrance.

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few that Ehuang and Foyi captured. If you think they are good, we invite you to come here and take some of your own next year.

We are blessed to experience the pristine cold, Arctic temperatures outside.

Please enjoy these pictures.


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  1. The way of planting garlic is very creative. And the calligraphy is very good.I was also impressed by the four pots of flowers. Thanks for sharing.

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