800 Values No.301~400

301.Order is essential for high efficiency; disorder only creates busyness, tiredness, and low performance.



302.Whoever proposes must take charge. Whoever takes charge will bear all consequences.



303.Heartily speak kind words; as good weather is to the growth of crops, so are fine words to the development of friendships.



304.That which cannot be solved by conventional thinking can be solved by unconventional thinking; approach problems from unconventional angles.



305.If you pursuit something, you will have nothing. If you pursue nothing, you will have everything.



306.Gaining is losing; losing is gaining. The more you gain, the more you lose; the less you gain, the less you lose. Without losing, you will gain nothing; without gaining, you will lose nothing.



307.Life and death are rooted in each other. Wherever there is life, there will be death; wherever there is death, there will be life.



308.Death is not the end of LIFE.



309. If existence determines consciousness, then we will have only one earth; if consciousness determines existence, then we will have 36-dimension spaces.



310.The thought of existence determining consciousness is conventional thinking; the thought of consciousness determining existence is unconventional thinking. Beautiful futures belong to those with unconventional thinking.



311.If one plus one is two, there is an increase of quantity; if one plus one remains one, there is an increase of energy.The Sage embraces the One, and becomes the model of the world.



312.A key to understanding the mystery of the universe is that one minus one remains one(1+(-1)=1).



313.Always concentrate on one thing. As long as you do one thing deeply, carefully, and thoroughly, you will get all that you need.



314.Wooden boards will break into halves from constant sawing, hard rocks will wear away from constantdripping water, and pursuers of Tao must persevere in their effort. A channel will come into being wherever water flows, things will settle easily when conditions are ripe, and a person who attainsTao understands the mysteries of nature.



315.Thinking is a kind of magical power. Magical power is the higher level of thinking information wave that shackles the lower level of thinking.



316.Our thinking is  more or less confined by some higher thinking.



317.All rules, regulations, concepts, ethics and behavioral rules, authoritative theories and sermons, religious regulations and rituals, scientific theories and methods, and exemplary models and habits are all the magical powers that constrain human thinking.



318.Everything is convenient and timely, but not constant; once any cognitive thought becomes fixed, it cares for this but ignore that, and becomes an obstacle to thinking.



319.Living by Lifechanyuan values and acting according to its program are the magical weapons for long-term existence and continuing perfection.



320.Do not accuse others of guilt, that you will not be accused of guilt by others; for how soever you judge others, so shall you be judged by them, and with the measure that you use, so shall it be measured against you.





  1. “How big the heart is decides how big the universe will be; how deep the thinking is decides how wide the spaces of life will be”

  2. “Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.”The Greatest Creator is impartial and wise.

  3. “Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.”Take things as they come.

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