800 Values No.301~400

381.Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.



382.Freedom is supreme and priceless; it is the feature of LIVES in heaven. The degree of freedom shows the level of a LIFE.  The greater the degree of freedom is, the closer to heaven that LIFE is; the smaller the degree of freedom is, the closer to hell it is.



383.Individuals cause their own lack of freedom and groups cause their own lack of  freedom. If non-freedom is caused by a group and one wants to be away from that group, then the only thing to do is to escape; find a free place to go.  If you can not find a free place on Earth, then flee to heaven.



384.Do not sympathize for or commiserate with the weak; they are parasites.When you are tangled with the weak, they will absorb your energy and your life will eventually succumb to a tragic end. Who are the weak?  Not the sick, disabled, ill, and poor , but those who constantly syphon your energy are.



385.When many people’s consciousnesses resonate in common, they live in the same world. Heaven and hell are the real worlds created by the people whose consciousnesses resonate in common, like everything  on  Earth is created by the “people” together who have been to the Earth .



386.All changes in the universe have reasons.  All changes of nature are the results of quantitative changes. There will be no qualitative change without the accumulation of quantitative changes. Quantitative change reaches the limit will inevitably occur qualitative leap.



387. As long as we treat everyone and everything objectively and fairly, then we will not waste time on hating or avenging, but onlyconcentrateon having our own futures and sublimating ourselves.



388.What kinds of faith will lead to what kinds of spiritual states and thus mental activities. What kinds of mental activities will lead to what kinds of words and actions. What kinds of words and actions will lead to what kinds of results and ways of life. Faith is the navigator of life; different faiths will achievedifferent lives. What kind of faiths will lead to what kind of lives.



389.Arrogance comes from ignorance, this is the touchstone of testing whether a person is rich from inside out.



390.Character is what one inherits from their past life. Character is not inherited from one’s parents. Character will determine a person’s overall developmentdirection. Character is nature, the original feature, which is the potential energy of consciousness that one hardly can handle or control by oneself. It is discribed  as “leopard cannot change his spots”. Your character decides what kind of life you will achieve.



391.The more marvelous a method is, the easier it is to practice; tricks and shortcuts are ultimately not simple and easy ways to do things.



392.If you do not die with a human heart, then you will not ascend to the nature of a celestial; if you do not abandon the human world, then you cannot ascendto a fairyland.



393.If you do not close a door, then another nine will not open to you; if you do not abandon a lover, then you will not embrace a truer one; if you do not drop a piece of baggage, then you will not walk very far; if you do not remove the blinders of conventional thinking, then you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.



394.Die, yesterday’s me; embrace today’s me! Die today’s me, embrace tomorrow’s me!



395.Do what you want without breaking the rules and be able to do anything of your own free will that is not perverse.



396.Are there any unfair phenomena in human society ? No, not at all! Everything is a fair adjudication of the mechanism of cause and effect; everything is the fairest arrangement with the rewards and punishments of Tao.



397.Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.



398.When we die, we must die clearly and without regrets, and never come to this world in vain. While we are alive on earth, we must distinguish the priorities of life:what is important and what is unimportant. Otherwise it is too late and we will die with regrets.



399.Do not be nostalgic for all the past. Open up the future rather than look back the past. The universe is boundless; time and space are endless. There is no end to the future of LIFE; LIFE is always on the way. The scenery ahead is unknown and unprecedented for us. No matter how wonderful the environment in which we are at present, we still need to open up virgin land,to explore the new way, to enter the new realms.Because joy is in creating, not enjoying material comfort; happiness is in devoting, not getting; freedom is in continually abandoning, not being conservative and maintaining the achievement.



400.Once people stop marching forward, they will inevitably backslide into dispiritedness and depravity; once they are unwilling to abandon all their possessions, they will inevitably slip towards selfishness and greed; once they cling to ancient ways and bygone values, people will never have the chance to see the incomparable phenomena and scenery.


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Study well and make progress every day.


Such a familiar sentence! Good good study, day day up!


“How big the heart is decides how big the universe will be; how deep the thinking is decides how wide the spaces of life will be”


“Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.”The Greatest Creator is impartial and wise.


“Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.”Take things as they come.


The celestials are selfless, so we will go to the heaven.