800 Values No.101~200

101. Jealousy reflects an ugly soul.


102. A mind bent on comparison is a mind bent on wickedness.


103. Vanity is as a cancer cell of life.


104. Complaining is a poisoned arrow.


105. Selfishness is the source of trouble and is a primary pass to hell.


106. Anger is the source of all diseases and is like chronic poisoning one’s self. 


107. Anger is an emotional cyclone; to get angry is to get hurt.


108. Laziness is a parasite’s consciousness.


109. Gratitude is the first element to sublimate LIFE.


110. Selflessness is the pass to heaven.


111. Giving and dedicating are the best ways to accumulate treasure in the heaven.


112. Money, power, position, fame, and beauty are the devil’s bait.


113. The more things you possess, the more trouble you will also possess.


114. Health, calmness, joy, contentment, and peace are rewards from the Greatest Creator.


115. You can own nothing and yet have everything.


116. Honesty is the best policy.


117. Once the roots are established, the way will grow therefrom.


118. If one can achieve a body and soul of integrity through self-improving and self-refining, then they can have real spirit and great talent and virtue concentrated within themself.


119. Keeping one’s faith is the first priority in life; breaking one’s word is criminal.


120. Being negative is like cutting one’s own and other people’s arteries to release blood.




  1. “Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail were perfect, then every result would be fruitful.”So every step is very important.

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