Life After Divorce: Why Our Readers Are Grateful For Divorce

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It’s hard to find the silver lining in divorce when you’re going through it. But once the dust has settled and your anger toward your ex has subsided, it can be a big comfort to sit back and take stock of all that you’re still grateful for in life.

On Tuesday, HuffPost Divorce blogger Robin Amos Kahn said she did just that after her divorce, drawing up a list of 50 things she was grateful for, from peanut butter to air conditioning.

Enumerating all the things she loved in life made Amos Kahn feel better, she said, and made her realize that life goes on, and can even get better, after divorce.

“[Divorce] gave me a new life,” she wrote. “It unblocked feelings that had been suppressed for so long … It’s a huge relief to feel and not just anger, or fear, but to feel empathy and compassion.”

In the spirit of Amos Kahn’s blog, we decided to ask our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us one reason they were grateful for their divorce.

Why I’m Grateful For My Divorce

“I’m grateful that I no longer live a lie.”– @BakeDanceLove

“No more time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and feeling totally inadequate. I learned I was a very intelligent, capable and strong woman who deserved better than she got in 17 years of married life.”– M. Evelyn W.

“No more rejection.”– Susan J.

“I got to become ME again and continued to grow as a person.”– Jackie W.

“I’m grateful for my divorce because it means that my ex and I have a much better chance at happiness and love in this life. Despite my belief that neither she nor I were ‘bad people,’ it was a very toxic marriage. I am glad it is over.”– RevWill E.

“He’s sitting with me now. I wake smiling every morning, grateful for what we have together. Past relationships shaped us.”– @JackiYo

“Freedom.”– Bob P.

“No more living with lies.”– Tonya C.

“It was a humbling experience. I needed that.”– Regina D.

“I was able to return from the brink of insanity. He drove me nuts!”– Denise H.

“I don’t know if grateful explains it because I was hurt bad. But a few years later I am happy and wouldn’t go back.”– @fire_dad

“My kids are much happier!”– Deb B.

“I have the freedom to be me.”– ‏@tmckenzie75

“So much LESS stress and anxiety!”– Terri M.

“Freedom to start over and select a beautiful, loving, intelligent and kind wife the second time around.”– Lee K.

“I was finally able to cut the tether that had been holding me back from my goals and aspirations. I have a bigger and brighter future than my marriage would have allowed.”– Angela F.

“No more lies.”– Jeffrey M.

“No constant anxiety and arguing.”– Amberly R.

“I have peace with my ex.”– Erika W.

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  1. People are looking for a life that can bring them real happiness and freedom. Marriage seems to be an outdated form of exploring happiness because it was designed for division and control, not for individual’s independence and growth, freedom and happiness.

  2. So glad to see that people are grateful to divorce. To divoce needs to be brave, but what it brings worth of it.

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